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    After reading through the topic about a night club opening party in the server, I totally understand why the whitelist cue had not advanced for a few days!
  3. WIP Paavo was brought into a world of complicated family arrangements, his father having an affair with his co-worker, elderly parents with troublesome relationship and an older sibling having their own problems growing up, as a young toddler, he lived through a period of time in a broken and stormy family relations, the family trying to find it's new form to properly function. He always understood his place in the family was firm and he was loved, but time to time the past of his family members would catch him off guard. Paavo grew up without that many friends during his childhood. In kindergarten and school he kept to himself most of the time, engaging with other children only when having no other option. His only friend seemed to be his older brother Veijo, to whom he was very attached to as a young child. Paavo learned to read on a very early age (no one knows for sure when) and was way too advanced compared to his class mates, when starting school. Apparently having an older sibling encouraging Paavo to read, write and to play with the family computer as much as he could, had given Paavo the edge in abilities to learn the school curriculum with ease. Paavo was offered the option to skip one year ahead in grammar school which eventually stacked up in graduating secondary school two years early at the age of just under 17. Paavo was accepted in to a bachelor degree of the nearby University, but also wound up joining the Finnish Defense Forces, under aged, serving 12 months. The first days of the service started as usual - the older soldiers hazing the hell out of the wet-eared newcomers. But soon the situation was going to get a lot more nastier as the 2nd and 3rd wave of the Frenzied Flu started to mow down the population of Europe, including his home country. His remaining family moved to their secondary houses either in the countryside or to the Lapland wilderness, his sister had been living as a vagabond, somewhere in Europe for years and was now missing. As Paavo was done with the service to his country, the world wide pandemic had all but closed down the schools and businesses. His family was split and there was little he could do to earn his keep. One morning the police called - it was about someone, who had insisted on being his sister. The police officer making contact had had a message from a colleague from Chernarus, implying that they have a Finnish individual locked up in their cell without proper identification. Now Paavo is contemplating a dangerous trip to Chrenarus, to look for his lost sister. WIP
  4. Hello all! Looking forward to meeting you online and seeing how this starts to unfold! Also, just finished my whitelisting application and waiting for the result. How are you all doing?
  5. -WIP- Veijo Ukko Viljami Nevalainen born as an evening star to then middle-aged parents, nurse Kaija and civil engineer Yrjö. Even though brought up in a middle class environment did not guarantee a straight forward life for Verna. Giving labor in the central hospital of Kemi during the hottest summer night of the decade, Viljami's mother did not survive without complication and was left in a wheelchair with weakened legs and crippling depression for a good part of Viljami's childhood. This matter was never discussed in the family, but Viljami did always feel the blame, knowing her mother had injured giving birth to her. While her mother had to move to a pension and her father now having to make double the effort to provide for the family, Viljami's ten year older sister took matters into her on hands and took care of the family's youngest. Once her sister moved to a bigger city to study and eventually start a family, Viljami started to gain a reputation as a wild and troubled young boy both sides of the border, drifting into some bad company on the streets, in school giving a hard time to her teachers and often times being in trouble with the local law enforcement. But since her parents were known to be the corner stones of the local community, the minor infractions were soon cleared and shoved under the rug. As a teenager, with certain changes in her body due to puberty, Viljami went into a cycle of deep depression, insomnia and self harm, inflicting the deep cuts still seen in her arms and legs. On one morning the father Yrjö found his (then) son all shook up and afraid for her life, sitting on the toilet floor, bleeding heavily. One cut too deep did luckily not go unnoitced. On this point the psych ward was the only place safe enough for Verna and the numbing effect of the agents pumped into her bloodstream finally cut the edge off from her anxiety. After a few weeks in the ward and now on constant medication, Viljami was released. Life got dull, no more wild nights nor racketing in the streets. No more stones thrown through windows or smoking cigarettes in the parking lot. School began again and then there were the winter holidays and spring and summer. Her mother had a a joint replacement in the summer and was able to walk again after a while, which was good. Father still made longer and longer days and was away even a whole week at a time. Anxiety was at bay. No worries, but even less joy. First real talk with her mother happened on her 14th birthday in the park, on an otherwise fine day. It was about her fathers new girlfriend, how she was pregnant and due very soon... Why all the time he spent at work did not relieve the family financially, but was rather an explanation to get acquainted with the new assistant. Viljami felt nothing, but remembering her own sister taking care of little Viljami all those years ago, she felt indebted for the newcomer to be there. Either way there was going to be a really complicated arrangements for everyone included or a totally broken home for a newborn. The little guy, Paavo, moved in with the family and Viljami decided to stop taking her medication. To clear her head, to be on the lookout, to sharpen her mind. The parents decided to continue living together, after a rather heavy period of emotional labor. The newborn cleared the air in the family, everybody was given a new chance to forgive and start a new. Then the anxiety kicked in again, but instead of selfdestruction, she turned it into raw energy - to excessive exercising, to art and music. An outlet of expression helped to cope with everything closeted inside her for a good few years and she found a welcoming community from the local punk scene. On her 20th birthday her band performed in Uppsala, Sweden. That's when she got the nerve to say it out for the friends around her: She was not a boy nor she was a man on the cusp of adulthood, she was a girl and wanted to live an authentic, unapologetic life or lose it all. That night Verna gave it all. The performance was a rave and everybody loved them. Verna came out to her parents after the tour in Scandinavia. Her little brother was extatic about his new sister, the parents had mixed feelings; they were accepting but worried senseless. Stories about "those kind of people" had been there all their lives, and even though looking from an entitled perspective, deep inside they knew how society could turn it's back to those who were living in the margin. As her confidence grew year by year, she eventually applied for a name change and started her process to legally transition from male to female. Old bands broke apart and new ones were built on their ashes, but the relentless energy kept her touring Europe. Youth houses and squats became her temporary homes when travelling and unfortunately some of the habits almost became her demise while having a drug induced afterparty in one of the local punk venues in Elektrozavodsk. The local police force raided the venue after having a concerned citizen called them of a violently acting individual screaming on the roof of the building, apparently trying to claw through the neighbours windows. Being in possession and under the influence of multitude of narcotics and travelling with a passport without a recognizable photo, Verna was arrested and jailed. -WIP-
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