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  1. venom


    literally just got whitelisted, woohoo, see ya in game soon guys n girls
  2. my first attempt was not accepted, ive edited the backstory of my character, do i just need to wait for it to be reviewed again? thanks
  3. venom

    goodbye all

    ok with a lot of help i think i got it sorted, time will tell
  4. venom

    goodbye all

    sadly my character was rejected, im shit at writing stories so that was my best attempt at getting whitelisted as i cant come up with anything else i have no need to be here
  5. venom

    Hi all

    gotta find me first n hope its not loaded if you do lol, thanks mate
  6. I'm currently first in the queue for whitelisting, applied yesterday, is there any rough eta on how long applications are taking to be approved? many thanks
  7. venom

    Hi all

    Thank you, looking forward to playing soon (hopefully)
  8. welcome to the community, im also awaiting approval enjoy your stay & hope to see you in game soon.
  9. venom

    Hi all

    im number 1 in the queue so hopefully it wont take much longer
  10. venom

    Hi all

    Thanks all, im trying my best to be patient but keep checking back every hour to see if im approved or not lol
  11. venom

    Hi all

    thought i'd drop by and say hello while i wait on my whitelist to be approved or declined lol, looking forward to meeting you all in game.
  12. Darren Watson, grew up in the UK in a secluded farm off the northern coast. His parents were middle class and owned a large farm. His father was a blacksmith and would often find himself crafting weapons, especially guns. Soon a few townsmen discovered his talent and it quickly grew into a side-business. Mr. Watson was a hard man and he expected Darren to run the guns back and forth from the farm to the locals. This was of course highly illegal and it was imperative that Darren remain undercover while in possession of these weapons. At age 14 Darren was a well-seasoned gun runner. He was sure he’d never get caught, but in 2013 he did. A sting operation had been set up by Russian intelligence operatives. They had been watching Darren and his father for several months. They overtook the farm, killed his father and kidnapped him, they knew he was good at what he did and with the tensions between countries getting more unstable, his skill would prove invaluable. Darren was one of the best known gun runners in Russia. He supplied Russia’s allies and he would steal from their enemies. He was one of the most wanted runners in the world. Darren was already underground near the Kremlin and his comrades had stocked up on all the supplies they’d need to survive. He had friends in high places. But one of those friends was envious of Darren's success and notoriety. during the Caedesviridae infection they survived together in underground bunkers, tensions had risen too high. While they were out on a supply run, Darren suddenly found himself alone, he had been abandoned all the weapons he had made, all the food and other supplies had disappeared from the bunker, cold and alone he searches chernarus for his comrades whilst trying to avoid capture
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