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  1. Jennifer Black was born and raised in Southern California. She was raised by her parents in a very closed-minded household which laid the foundation for her late-teen rebellion. During this time she rebelled against her parents, school, and normalcy – resorting to happiness with drug use and other perversions. She witnessed her best friend’s untimely death during a binge party which is when she decided to turn her life around for the better. She enrolled in community college and worked her way up to university where she attended Davis Medical School in Northern California. She focused most of her attention on her primary studies, leaving the last few years of school to take electives where she could mainly relax and ride out the last of her education while balancing her new life with her residency program. After completing her residency and waiting for potential job prospects, she embraced her freedom and took up to travelling before she settled down into her new job. She travelled to Sweden where she met up with a few friends she had made online, which ultimately led them to take a vacation with one another. They decided to ferry from southern Sweden to Germany where they took any means of transportation to Berlin. They took a direct train from Berlin to Moscow where they stayed a few days and took advantage of cheap tickets that somehow led them onto a ferry that took them from southern Russia into the city of Chernogorsk. They knew the dangers but ultimately did not think they would get into any situations that would not allow them to leave. After a few weeks, her friend departed back for Sweden leaving Jennifer alone for a couple weeks while she sorted out her travel plans. During that time Jennifer found herself gravitated to the hospital in the city and applied for work and residency which quickly landed her a job in those desperate times. Time seemed to fly by as her work consumed her, until the infestation began. During the beginning of the outbreak she worked closely with hazard teams, but as the contagion got out of hand, she found herself distancing from the hospital and barricading herself into her apartment. She slowly emerged from her residence in a search of people, food, anything- She wasn’t ready for the dark & lonely adventures ahead.
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