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  1. Chris Larden grew up in the big city of Chernobyl and learned quick people were not always good there were alot of gangs and factions long before the virus started. He had to make hard decisions as heir to his mafia boss (father) and he has betrayed friends out of pure fear but when the outbreak started he started seeing people for what they truly were greedy and selfish and he made a vow not to become like them. He abandoned the mafia when the hideout was attacked by a group of the undead and quickly made his escape from the hideout he searched the radio frequencies for days to find another survivor NOTHING. Then he decided the signal might be getting interrupted so he traveled to the hospital to get a better signal and when he made it on top of the hospital he started hearing a military broadcast which was interrupted with the undead and gunfire and then silence. He searched for the military broadcast signal for days but nothing so he radioed on every frequency he could connect to survivors and said to meet him at the hospital at Chernobyl. Very few people came and he noticed they were all desperate and alot of them wounded so he decided to go back to the hideout in order to get help. When he returned to the hideout found that most of the mafia family survived so he ordered them as heir to treat the survivors and help the wounded get around so they can earn their keep on supply runs into the city at daybreak. He has been grouping up survivors for the past few months until a group of bandits snuck into the hideout at night killing all the survivors but the mafia family protected Chris from the bandits which ended with the bandits dying and the mafia family dying from the wounds left untreated. Chris was utterly broken and ran from the hideout and could not bring himself to leave the city so he stayed in Chernobyl looking for survivors for a while until he couldnt find any more so he decided to go look for survivors around the globe hoping some are still alive and he has wasted all supplies on helping the injured and sending survivors on their way when they betrayed him and sent them with supplies so they would survive.
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