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  1. I was born and raised by a poor hunters family in a small town called Arkalyk. I was the second born child almost the same time as my brother Sergei, but due to some minor complications, I was born a couple of hours later. Father was a big part of our lives. He taught us a lot about hunting and surviving in the wilderness. Me and my brother Sergei have always been very competitive with each other but always helped each other when needed. Our competitive behavior stopped as soon as our little brother Andrei came into the world. Our mother died giving birth to Andrei. The death of the mother has been a very big burden on Andrei and ever since he was born he has been blaming himself for what happened. Me and my brother Sergei tried to help him understand that the mother's death wasn't his fault, it is just that the world is a cruel place and you have to do anything in your power to survive. When the outbreak hit we wore hunting in Chernarus it was supposed to be a nice family trip but it turned to be a disaster. We wore stranded in the middle of the wood with 4 weapons and 0 ammunition. Sergei was the only one who had 1 bullet in his barrel but unfortunately, the bullet had to be used for our father since he caught the Frenzied Flu. We wore on our own with the plan to find help in the military base but by the time we arrived military has been overrun. Now we are out here surviving and we will survive because we are Abdulin Brothers.
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