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  1. Abusive father, mother too scared to leave him. Became a truck driver to spend as much time away from home as possible. I came home one night to find my father beating my mother, so I tackled him and began to fist fight him. He threw me off and started walking back towards mom. I got up and grabbed a kitchen knife. I stabbed him and went to check on my mother. When he hit her, she hit her head on the counter and bled out. That's the day I lost my mother and began my life on the run. I didn't know if the cops would believe me when I told them it was self defense because my father was a district attorney. I bought a one way ticket to the cheapest available place- Russia, packed my bags and left. Once I was off the plane in Moscow, I called the police and told them what happened. Now alone in Russia, I became a drifter, with very little money, I rented rooms when I could afford them and slept outside when I couldn't. I took odd jobs including the occasional delivery job. I was doing a delivery across the border into chernarus just when they started to lock down the borders. I drove the truck to different parts of the border trying to get back, until I ran out of gas and was forced to abandon it. I walked a few miles to a diner and ordered some food. They had a tv with the news on, I don't speak chernarussian so I couldn't make out what they were saying but everyone in the diner seemed to all be freaking out. I found someone that spoke English and asked them what the news broadcast was saying. They said it was some sort of outbreak and that people should stay in their homes for the time being.
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