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  1. it has been said that one time there was a place, somewhere far from here, where everyone goes. This place; that is often pulp fiction for less faint of heart, exists somehow. If only in the minds of the once dying coven it possessed. This is the location of many a horrific event. Sometimes laying waste to mindless chaos. Other times constituting swift judgment in which justice must be served. Either situation somehow always finds a inherent sense of the latter. Nevertheless, We have been sent to this place, Chernarus by the CDC under diplomatic immunity from the UN. Being trained as a field medic in the USMC for 2 years is not enough training for the situation but numbers are depleting. We were sent back in mid February among the resurgence of the Frenzied Flu and have been stationed somewhere off the coast near Electozavodsk to help ease the strain of the virus. Two weeks into my position and things are not looking stable. Shortages on medical supplies and rations have left the camp low on morale and people are starting to abandoned their posts. There have been multiple casualties from Raiders and the F-Virus leaving us with no choice but to treat stable conditions leaving the less fortunate and more terminal ill to loose treatment leading to mass graves and complete disorder. We have done all there is to keep the surviving members of the team in check. With that being said the team has been forced with making the tough decision of apointting a leader. The last remaining members of staff and I have all casted votes and it appears i am the last remaining member who knows how to maintain a weapon. Im going to do all i can to keep the survivors alive, but without supplies im not sure how long we can last. It has now been two month into the epidemic and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel. The UN has done their best to supply food and rations but medical supplies remain at an all time low. There are now military roadblocks at all major entrences and exits. I am being told that they are no longer letting people in or out of the affected zones. My tour of duty was only supposed to last two months, but i fear we might be stranded here for far two long if there is no airdrop soon. Quickly after the military set up roadblocks there was an outbreak at the police station and zombies flooded the makeshift medical tents in the center of town. Those who were incompaceted or bedridden were met with extended periods of pain and torment before succoming to their wounds and eventually turning infected. We have managed to restore order but at the cost of many casualties. Tonight we bury the dead and reacess the situation. The infected have managed to over run the outpost and destroyed the radio. Currently we are stranded without communication from the outside world. I have left one of the senior medical instructors in charge of the remaining patiants and supplies. Tonight we will travel up north to the nearest radio tower in an attempt to restore communications with the next outpost. The remaining military officials are left without a commander and seem to be governing themselves. It is unclear at this time how long they can be trusted without full abandonment of the cause. It has been a days trek to the radio tower and i am being told that the remaining survivors have been overrun and the mission has been fully abandoned. I am now instructed to head NW to an old air force base which may give us a leg up on the infected.
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