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  1. Baladin was born in the United States his Mother American and Father Russian. He spent most of his life in the US learning only English and a little bit of German in High school. When he turned 20 his father sent back home to Russia to run Russian part of his real-estate business. He stayed in St. Petersburg with his grandparents. Once the Outbreak started and the city was divided up into several quarantine zones his Grandparents and him stayed in the city. Things started to get bad people where going hungry and without medicine. The number of infected was rising. After about a month the security alarm's rang. He and his grandparents barricaded them selves in there home and prepared to defend them selves. The infected broke in and out of pure fear Baladin ran for his life with out turning back. He survived on his own for quite some time avoiding people when ever possible by either hiding or running. He spent around 6 months alone and has wondered his way into the norther side of Chernarus. Armed with only a hatchet and basic gear and he moves in looking for new opportunity.
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