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  1. Endrik was born in the largest city in Estonia, Tallinn. He was born to a middle class family that had many generations in the Estonian armed forces. Endrik and his family loved Estonia almost if not more than they loved each other. He joined the Estonian Defense Forces and quickly found a love sniping. He enrolled in sniper school the first chance he got and was a natural. His commanding officer gave him the nickname Cyclops due to the sheer amount of skill he had. After spending 3 years in the military he decided he wanted to settle down and have a family. He met a young woman named Agnesia and within 3 months she was pregnant. Endrik decided to stay in the reserves so if something were to happen he would be able to protect the country he loved. Then one day he was called back to duty. He was apart of a security team to protect a politician who doesn't agree with the way the Estonian government is handling things and is gaining a large following. During the op the security team is ambushed and the politician and most of the force is killed. While Endrik was on the ground injured he overheard 2 men talking and learned they were hired by the Estonian government. Endrik woke up in a hospital not knowing how he got there. When he was released he went back to his home in search of his girlfriend and parents, who he had not heard from since the attack. When he arrived home he found them all dead. They were killed presumably by the same organization that attacked him. That night he swore to put an end to the corrupt Estonian government by any means necessary. Endrik had heard of a paramilitary group called the EPLF and he knew both they both wanted the same thing. He used his credentials to get into an armory on base and stole a cargo truck filled with weapons. He drove that truck to where the EPLF was rumored to have based hoping that the truck would be enough for them to let him join. He was welcomed with open arms and before he knew it he was on his first mission. Since he was an experienced sniper he was tasked to a small unit who was to move into Chernarus and assassinate an Estonian official. Before they had the opportunity there was an outbreak of some unknown disease that turned people into walking corpuses. Endrik decided the best course of action was to stay with his unit as it was the only family he had, but one day he will return to Estonia and if the government is still functioning he will do everything in his power to help his comrades save Estonia. Elagu Eesti!
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