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  1. Hey I'm Calum Martin a 22 year old man who enjoyed the simple things in life, a medium-rare steak, a fully packed bong and a cold glass of whisky. I worked tirelessly at my job at a call centre in South Zagoria in Chernarus, each day blended into the next,selling gas and electric mindlessly just focused on meeting quotas and getting bonus so I would have enough money to go on holiday with my brother Steve; we always tried to get together and catch up but something would always get in the way. It's been years since I've seen him or any of the family for that matter,never enough time in the day. A week before we were meant to board our flight i was on the way to kickboxing practice when I noticed that there were sickly people in the streets; I heard a scream and saw someone pinning a woman to the floor, I ran over and pulled the man off to find he had a chunk of the woman's face in his mouth! I pulled away retching at the horrific site as I looked around I saw those "sickly" people were more like walking corpses who suddenly all turned towards me....drooling, a new meal in mind or should I say my mind as a meal! I ran back to my apartment packing a few meager essentials thinking to myself all the times my brother Steve talked about a zombie apocalypse and what he would do if it happened.I had always laughed at such a silly thought; but in that moment I felt like an idiot for never listening to what he said. Growing up I always got into fights (me and my big mouth) and even if it was a scrap we knew we were going to lose Steve would always have my back. It is the 29th of October; my friend Tony who taught me some basic survival skills told me he had noticed people have set up camps across South Zagoria, where those rotting corpses didn't roam the streets in herds. We were attacked, I tried to save him from a horde of zombies but we were overrun by those undead scum! My only hope now is to find Steve or maybe his friends who know where he is,I just smoked weed and partied on the weekends living in the moment, I never planned on being in an apocalypse.......but he did. I've seen people driven to madness by this new fucked up reality we call "normal". Where its kill or be killed as people have become cold and heartless animals, I hope the brother I once knew is still there when I find him, i mean.....IF I find him. It's been so long since I've seen his face, I Don't even think I'd recognize him. I assume he's dead at this point I just hope it was a quick death and his soul is at rest.
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