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  1. Born into a working class family, Samuel had always supported his family. Everything he did, he did for those he loved. He left school at 16, in order to support his struggling mother. His father was killed in 1983 during the Falklands war. This upset Samuel, and he vowed to make his father proud by enlisting in the British Army and defending the freedom of the British people from foreign invaders. He joined against his mother's wishes, as she did not want to lose her son, like she did her husband. He spent over 15 years in the army, refusing to join any special forces, or different battalion, despite being recommended by his superiors. his place was with his squadmates: John, Max, Robert, Jesse, Daniel, Thomas and Bob. They served many years together, did many tours together and were unstoppable. Terrorists had a bounty on each of their heads, for even though they were part of the infantry battalion, they were a significant threat in the battlefield, and inspired fear into those they were up against. Once the war in the Middle-East ended, the lads found themselves struggling to cope with civilian life. After some time, the group began to fade, they started talking less and less, until one day, they all received an e-mail. NATO was being forced out of Chernarus due to a violent civil war, which involved Russia. The e-mail was very brief as it only had a time, place, and date on it, along with a news article regarding the unfolding situation in Chernarus. The band of brothers all turned up and accepted the mysterious e-mail and were greeted by the MI5. They were tasked with a mission to gather intelligence on the uprising, try and gather as much information as they could on Russia's involvement with this conflict. They were to be stationed there for the next 10 years, keeping a low profile, and relaying information on a monthly basis back to the MI5 in London. Each member was to be placed in a different town of Chernarus, as having them work in a group could raise the alarm. The situation got worse and worse over the years. Many pictures were taken of genocide being committed by figures who knew how to use the weapons they used to kill civilians who would not accept the Chernarussian Socialist Republic. Fortunately however, the band kept themselves alive, and did unspeakable things in order to blend in successfully with the Russian and Chernarussian loyalists. Samuel had faith in his fellow brothers, the only reason he could keep his sanity, was because he knew that in the same war-torn wasteland, his brothers were stepping on the same soil. In May 2020 however, his confidence went from an all time high, to losing all hope. The country had gone to dismay, the scourge of Russian influence had been taken over by a tide of infected. Government negligence had caused an outbreak in Chernarus and now, Samuel, found himself lost, isolated from everyone and everything, running from village to village, trying to find his squad, so that they could evacuate this god-forsaken land, and head back to London.
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