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  1. I was born in town of Des Allemands, Louisiana, I was born into a large family who main occupation was working in shrimping boats. I grew up educated enough to read the bible and to write but mainly to operate a boat and to help around the house. I also learned how to hunt both deer and rassle Gators with my dad by the time I was 8 years old. After Hurricane Katrina our business took a hit and a couple of use had leave the comforts of the bayou I was around the age of 16. I joined up with a cargo ship bounded to the Pacific. I traveled all over the world from the great lands of Europe, to the hot deserts of the Middle East. Eventually I meet up with some like minded individuals from Louisiana and soon we became great friends The news wasn't so good apparently on the mainland's there was some kind of virus going around, but I did not really hear much occasionally was kept informed by calls with my parents. Apparently around March 4th are ship was forced to anchor off the coast of Chernarus because there was a quarantine in place. We couldn't leave because we had stuff to drop off in the harbor and we were low on fuel so we were stuck their until they gave us the go ahead to come in. By the end of April communication from the mainland was cut off so we had no idea what was going on. On April 25th my friends and I snuck off the ship on a dingy to go to the mainland to see what the hell was going on. When we got to shore we found that people were eating each other, and some tried to eat us and we were forced to defend ourselves. We went to the port and found that all the people their were either dead or sick. We went back to the ding to go back to the ship to find that it was stolen, and now we are officially stuck in this God Forsaken place with no communication and no transportation. In order for us to survive we would have to get some supplies to defend ourselves and hopefully find a way back home.
  2. The dates of the following entries have been altered to better understand the timeline before the outbreak. The following entries have also been translated from Estonian to English for better comprehension. //5 Years before the Outbreak// "The military has always been apart of my life, my Father was in it and his Father before him was as well. Although at the time Estonia was apart of the Soviet Union, I find solace in taking in the footsteps of my family before me. Minu Isa was happy and proud of me for joining the army straight out of school, but I worry that I may not live up to his expectations." //3 Years Before the Outbreak// "I am doing suprisingly well in the army, a promotion or two, a tour in foriegn lands, and plenty of stories to tell my family for when I return home, but for some reason I don't feel... I don't know, I worry about the state of the world and my place in it. I also fear for the fruture of my nation and its people." //2 Years before the Outbreak// "A new guy named Mikael transferred in to my Unit not too long ago, He claims to be something called an "Ultra-nationalist," whatever the hell that means. He was kind of weird at first but he seems genuinely nice. Everyone else in my squad seems to like him and I do not see why I shouldn't either. After all we are all practically a family. I don't mind serving for my country but I feel that our county is not getting better." //1 Year before the Outbreak// "Mikael has been a beacon of unity within our squad. As always he keeps going on about his "Ultra-nationalist" stuff which I have slowly found myself agreeing with over time. I don't know if his just has a way with words or maybe what he is say could actually be true. The things he says about NATO being a leach, and The European Union being a threat to our nations sovereignty just make sense to me and the some of the other members in our unite." //4 Months before the Outbreak// "I am finally out of the military. I will say I am going to miss the daily drills and foreign excursions but I am glad I will not be helping NATO or the EU anymore. I got news from some of the members of my former unit that Mikael got arrested, they say it was for treason. Apparently he was apart of some sort of paramilitary Insurgency to overthrow the government. I don't believe Mikael did anything of the sort, I think it was the upper brass trying to remove any threat to there power. Mikael told me to look up a group when I got out, he said it was called The Estonian Peoples Liberation Front, he says they are former military as well. If those people are anything like Mikael then I know I am going to make a lot of friends." //2 Months before the Outbreak// "I found the EPLF and turns out they are indeed a paramilitary insurgency, and they are good people. I will gladly lay down my life if it means putting these people in charge. Mikael is set to be executed soon, the mad pätt pleaded guilty. The leaders say they can't do anything about saving him. I have made new friends here at least, some of my friends in my former unite have also joined up. Apparently there is supposed to be some sort of special mission coming soon that a small group of us are going to go on, whatever it is I can not wait to get back into the field." //2 Weeks Before the Outbreak// "The mission is a go, there are some Estonian diplomats in the small country of Chernarus, me and some of my closest friends are being tasked on an assassination mission by high command. It's a dangerous one, no equipment, no support, we just have to make do with what we can when we can. Our hopes are that by taking out these NATO loving dogs, we hope to destabilize the country enough to preform our coup d'etat. We board a plane in two weeks. I just hope this works Üks rahvas! Üks jumal!
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