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  1. paw was a fishaman like paw paw before him he taut us youngins how to fish for shrimp like no one ever could its family tradition we all took care of maw until she died doc said it was cancer bless her heart our company went well until those damn democrats took office n ruined our business paw died n we boys had nothing but the overalls coverin our asses we parted ways to search for business i found a nice merchant marine willing to give me a job i worked there for a good couple a years before i met the best men i have ever seen on that ship we grew closer than even me n my brothers was to each other we called ourselfs the cajun navy we was inseprable anytime their was oppertunity for a better job we all took with each other our ship was doin some shipin to some backwater country called chunarus we was forced to ancher our ship on march 4 off the coast of chunarus we spent weeks on the dam ship tryna figure out what was happenin till we finaly got brave enouph to go on n land on land on the 25 of april somethin tells me we shouldnt be here (To be continued)
  2. Martin was born in the town of Valga, a humble town. He was born to a poorer family and later abandoned by them, so his only aspirations were found through military service. He trained to join the best of the best in Estonia: The ESTSOF. He took great pride in his service, but he took greater pride in the family he was creating. He met Elise, a beautiful German woman during a NATO training exercise, and he couldn't stop talking to her. He quit service and took classes to find a new job to support Elise. Things looked great. Elise fell ill, and no doctor could cure such a ravenous cancer she developed. The loss of Elise wore heavily on Martin. He planned so much, and lost it all., so he recommissioned into the armed forces more bitter than ever, but that's history. Martin is now a member of an Estonian paramilitary rebellion. He had always been an Estonian nationalist, so when this new Prime Minister proved that she would not be what it takes to run his home he immediately jumped at the first sign of a paramilitary resistance. He loves and would die for Estonia to be free from its tyranny, and now this cursed disease. He's always respected those who are willing to do the same. He's a bright and tenacious man, but his dedication to fighting hasn't let him really show his real potential. Even with this outbreak and everything he went through, his service isn't done. Estonia will be rebuilt, and the remnants of its tyrannical government will be crushed. Surm türantidele.
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