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  1. I grew up in the small town of Des Allemands, Louisiana. At a young age I learned the most vital skills that you ever need to know, how to cook craw fish, drive an air boat, and how to trap gator. My pa was reeaal religious growing up on account of ma dying and all when she had me. Made me pray every night, most nights i prayed for big ol shrimp. Never got that wish though. I grew up in the bayou never leaving that town even during Katrina. Me and my pa stayed put and the good lord saw us through. Never though of doing anything outside of trapping all my life, that was until pa got the cancer. The bills started pilling up and by the time I was 18 in 2011 i needed to get a job. I decided the best thing to do was to become a merchant marine onboard those ships that come in and out of n'orleans. I sent every penny of my paycheck back to pa and prayed every night for him to get better. He never did and in 2019 he died. I never felt so empty before, but my faith in Jesus kept me going. Along my years of bein on them big ol' boats I made some friends, Cajuns like me, and we made some sort of friend pact together. Let me tell you them big ol' boats aint nothing like the air boats I used to drive but I got used to em. We took a job around the end of February we got a job for a ship heading to some place called Chernarus. If I'm honest I still don't really know where it exactly is, I just know it's cold. around the beginning of March we were forced to stay at sea and we werent able to port on account of some sort of virus. I don't know about no virus but I just do what they tell me. We waited a little longer than a month and near the end of April me and my friends decided that we would go to shore to see what was happening. We got to the customs office and everyone was dogone sick or dead. We decided then and there that this job was just too much and went back to get on our boat to head back to the big ship but some sonofabitch stole the boat. So now were stuck with no way to get home, and the worst thing is, we aint got no crawfish.
  2. The dates of the following entries have been altered to better understand the timeline before the outbreak. The following entries have also been translated from Estonian to English for better comprehension. //5 Years before the Outbreak// "The military has always been apart of my life, my Father was in it and his Father before him was as well. Although at the time Estonia was apart of the Soviet Union, I find solace in taking in the footsteps of my family before me. Minu Ema was not happy with my idea of joining the army straight out of school, but this is something I have to do for myself." //3 Years Before the Outbreak// "I suppose I am doing well in the army, a promotion or two, a tour in Afghanistan, and plenty of commendations have earned me the respect of me peers and my family, but for some reason I don't feel... I don't know, maybe like, I don't feel fulfilled. It's as if I don't really believe in what I am in the military for. I have my qualms with high command and the government in charge, but I mean who doesn't? The decisions the Prime minister and President make don't sit well with me. When it comes down to it I just have to put my faith in their leadership.Jumal aidaku meid." //2 Years before the Outbreak// "A new guy named Mikael transferred in to my Unit not too long ago, He claims to be something called an "Ultra-nationalist," whatever the hell that means. He was kinda weird at first but he seems genuinely nice. I'm just glad to hear something else besides this echo chamber of a platoon I'm stuck in. Good news is. I'm one year away from getting out of this place. I don't mind serving for my country but I can't stand another deployment just to further the pockets of our leaders. They seem to grow more corrupt every day." //1 Year before the Outbreak// "Mikael and I have grown to become closer friends in the few months that I have known him, turns out our contracts are both up in a few months. As always he keeps going on about his "Ultra-nationalist" stuff, but the weird thing is it makes sense. I don't know if hes just a charismatic speaker or maybe I do agree with what he's saying, whenever he talks I can't seem to ignore him. The things he says about NATO being a leach, and The European Union being a threat to our nations sovereignty just make sense to me. If we had people like Mikael leading the country I would gladly serve 30 more years." //4 Months before the Outbreak// "I am officially done with the military. I would say it was nice but I regret ever serving for those dogs we have in office, whoring away our country like some sort of prostituudiga for NATO and the EU. I feel sick that I ever allowed myself to be used by those dogs, the medals and ribbons I got mean nothing to me anymore. Worst of all is the fact that Mikael got arrested, treason they say. Apparently he was apart of some sort of paramilitary Insurgency to overthrow the government. I don't believe Mikael would do something like that, right? And even so, maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Mikael told me to look up a group when we got out, The Estonian Peoples Liberation Front, I think. If those people are anything like Mikael then I know they're good people." //2 Months before the Outbreak// "I found the EPLF and turns out they are indeed a paramilitary insurgency, and they are good people. I will gladly lay down my life if it means putting these people in charge, I know it sounds crazy, but they know better than out leaders. Mikael is set to be executed soon, the mad pätt pleaded guilty. The leaders say they can't do anything about saving him. It's just like Afghanistan all over again, watching your friends die and being unable to do anything about it. I have made new friends here at least, my time in the military has made command grant me the rank of Vanemveebel (Master Sergeant). Apparently there is supposed to be some sort of special mission coming soon that a small group of us are going to go on, whatever it is I am ready." //2 Weeks Before the Outbreak// "The mission is a go, there are some Estonian diplomats in the small country of Chernarus, me and some of my closest friends are being tasked on an assassination mission by high command. It's a dangerous one, no equipment, no support, we just have to make do with what we can when we can. Our hopes are that by taking out these NATO loving dogs, we are able to destabilize the country enough to preform our coup d'etat. We board a plane in two weeks. I just hope this works Eesti au, elagu tema rahvas! //There are no more journal entries after this//
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