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  1. I was born in the town of Des Allemands, Louisiana, I was born into a small family whose main occupation was working on shrimpin boats or hunting gators in the bayou. I grew up educated enough to operate a boat and how to fire a gun. My fathers business took a turn for the worst after we were hit by a Hurricane. I was forced to leave the comforts of the swamp and work on cargo ships in order to send money back to my family. I joined up with a cargo ship bound to the Pacific. I traveled all over the world from Europe all the way to the Middle East. I met up with some like minded individuals from Louisiana and soon we became great friends aboard our ship. The news wasn't so good back home, apparently on the mainland there was some kind of virus going around, but I did not really hear much and occasionally was kept informed by calls from my parents. Apparently around March 4th our ship was forced to anchor off the coast of Chernarus because there was a quarantine in place. We couldn't leave because we had stuff to drop off in the harbor and we were low on fuel so we were stuck there until they gave us the go ahead to come in. By the end of April communication from the mainland was cut off so we had no idea what was going on. Seems these Russians aren't the most hospitable people around and I hope they aren't going to keep us stuck out here. On April 25th my friends and I snuck off the ship on a dinghy to go to the mainland to see what the hell was going on. When we got to shore we found that people were eating each other, and some tried to eat us and we were forced to defend ourselves. I had to bet some broad off with a stick not in the metaphorical sense I literally had to bet a woman with a stick. We went to the port and found that all the people there were either dead or sick. We went back to the dingy to go back to the ship to find that it was stolen, and now we are officially stuck in this God Forsaken place with no communication and no transportation. In order for us to survive we would have to get some supplies to defend ourselves and hopefully find a way back home.
  2. I was born to a small family in Tallinn, Estonia. As an only child to a single mother, I quickly learned to fend for myself. I hated school and as soon as I could I joined the Estonian Army. I excelled through the ranks and at that time I really felt like I had found my calling. In 2012 I was deployed to Iraq under NATO. I saw a lot of friends die in that war, and I'm still not sure why we as Estonians had to fight and die in a war that wasn't ours. However, I was successful while deployed and was promoted to Lieutenant when I returned home. Soon after that I retired. I realized that NATOs involvement in my country was destroying it. After working for a small security firm in Estonia I was introduced to the Estonian Peoples Liberation Front. I shared so many views with the men and women I met through the EPLF. I now know my true calling: to defend Estonia from the NATO invaders. After a few small missions I was made a captain in a group tasked with infiltrating Chernarus in an attempt to assassinate a diplomatic leader from Estonia. Shortly after our mission began, the outbreak happened. We are now cut off from any contact with the EPLF. Our goal is to regain contact and to return to Estonia, so we can help with whatever is happening there. Olgu võidukad Eesti inimesed
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