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  1. Dick Wolf, a United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper previously served in Afganistan under Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance is 2007. In 2008, Wolf got sent to Chernarus as per NATOs request to try and keep civilians from starting riots and causing mayhem. He got put in a barrack in Kranostav Military Airfield with his service weapons and Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform. (MCCUUs) After getting sent to Chernarus, Wolf sustained a serious head injury during a workout accident putting him in a coma and temporarily limiting the use of his memory. When Wolf wakes up he notices he is in some sort of safe house with all of his bags and some food and water. He tried turning on the tap and nothing came out. He overhears someone talking about the "Zeds." Worried, Wolf goes through his bags and attempts to use his military walkie talkie. With no success, he walks outside this safe room and attempts to talk to others, he hears "He's awake!" confused, he asks them where he is, and who they are. They said. "We're other survivors!" "Survivors?" He said, unknowing of the current virus outbreak he starts to get worried and took his weapons to go out looking for food and water. He then heard from other survivors about a new communist leadership in town and he wanted to help the UN take this down however he could. He wanted a good state.
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