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  1. Dimitri "Dima" North was born to Chernorussian immigrant parents Vlad and Ustoya Oribiyev. They fled to the United Kingdom to offer him a better life. After school, Dimitri joined the British Army where he became a medic and later was put through medical school. Dimitri came out of school specializing in critical care and anesthesia and commenced working with the London Air Ambulance, where he met his wife Emily. Emily was a part-time pilot for the air ambulance and a prior military pilot, and she continued to teach at the military flight academy where a crash took her life. After a few years of darkness, he moved to Australia, where he obtained citizenship and took a position with the New South Wales helicopter emergency medical team. He worked in Australia for years, became a master at his craft, and was well-respected in his field. After the "Russia Merger", or as some describe as annexation, Chernaurus was beginning to work towards upgrading and improving the health system and the access to emergency care of the people. The newly formed Chernaurus College of Physicians, a small college attempting to gain a reputation within the greater medical field, asked North to attend their first conference to speak on the provision of emergency care. After the conference, North was attacked by local street thugs, seeing him as only a tourist. North was returned to the very hospital he had just left and it was here he awoke months later, alone in his hospital bed. Something was different. Guttural growls screamed from the forests. Something was different. Everything was different. Most of all, Dima himself.
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