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  1. Osian grew up in Ely in Cardiff, South Wales. Here is where he lived with his adopted family of German immigrants. They adopted Osian when they first moved to Wales as they hadn't long just miscarried and were all ready to have their first son. Osian was around 5 years old when he was adopted and growing up he never asked who his real parents were because Mr. and Mrs. Becker had treated him as one of their own even when they had their first born, he never needed to ask who his parents was due to the fact that his adopted parents had become his real parents. All throught school Osian done well and in his GCSE's, Osian managed to get A*'s in Physical Education and Science along with A's in both Maths and English and B's in History and Geography. After leaving Comprehensive School, Osian went to Cardiff Met University to further study science, Forensic Science in fact. He had always dreamed of becoming a member of the Forensic Unit for the Metropolitan Police. It didn't take his superior officers long to notice Osian had a spectacular mind and he was really well tuned, they described his as the modern day incarnation of Sherlock., so Osian was ushered into the Detective unit and proved his worth quickly and he soon made head Detective. Although his stint as head Detective was short only due to Osian wanting to be apart of the SCO19 which would eventually open the door for the British Counter Terrorism Police (COBRA). He would serve in COBRA for 10 years, up until his 28th birthday, this is when he got a job offere he couldn't refuse from the Chernarussian Police Department, they'd heard of his amazing work as head Detective and it just so happened that the Chernarussian Police where looking for a new head Detective. Osian moved to Cherarus and settled in the town of Moglievka as it was a short commute to his office in Cherno. The year was 2018 and Osian had already made head lines with his arrests of high ranking mob members and even the corrupt inside the police force itself, the next year and a half was quite but mob activity started back up in late 2019 but this was cut short due to impending pandemic that was about to hit Cheraus. This is where Osian's story starts anew. After the fall of the Government and Police, Osian has made a vow to reform some law to the lands and hopefully he can get the majpr groups and communities on board so he can start a new Government with the head of each group and community as a member, where they will all make decisions and vote upon an overall leader. Osian has a hard task ahead of him and will need all the help he can get.
  2. Marcus grew up with not much to do in his childhood, he often spend his younger years playing football for his local team as well as doing the occasional bit of boxing to help with his fitness. He grew up with 1 older brother and a younger sister. His family wasn't the wealthiest but they also had enough money to make sure everyone had what they wanted and needed to have. Marcus was a top student when he started comprehensive school and would later go on to be a straight A student in his chosen subjects. It wasn't until the age of 18 when Marcus knew he wanted to join the armed forces and hopefully be enlisted into the S.A.S, He server for a total of 12 years in the Welsh Guards Infantry Unit and on his 30th birthday his wish came true, he was selected for S.A.S basic training, this didn't mean he was in though. In fact it wouldn't be until another 3 years till he actually became apart of the S.A.S. Only serving 4 years under the S.A.S Marcus decided it was time to leave the armed forces and start a family, this idea didn't last for long, he was contacted by a life long friend and asked if he wanted to so private contracting in Chernarus, he'd be a privately hired security officer. He agreed and spent the next 3 years there, right up until the pending infection
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