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  1. Born in Holy Catholic Ireland during the 70's Mad Mac is a devout Catholic. This allows him not unlike the Irish Mobsters in America to feel no remorse in the work that he does. When he confesses to a father of the fate his soul and his mind are cleansed in God's loving light. When Mad Mac was 17 he signed up for the Irish Army. When he was 18 he joined and for the next 5 years he would be learning, adapting and utilizing his skills in a completely false environment. He had only seen training and was dying to see the real thing. Good news came to him when he was deployed to Lebanon for a United Nations peace keeping missions. In Lebanon he would almost die and that is when he would realize he values his life way more than the paycheck he receives from the Irish Army. He would meet a PMC contractor in a pub in Lebanon and would spend the next 30 years working as a mercenary with many different corporations until now. His last job. He's now been hired by a Russian Private Military
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