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  1. My name is Bigsas Chorniy, I was born in a small and crappy town named Mykolaiv in The Odessa District of Ukraine, My Parents Moved To Israel, When I was 2 years old. When I was in high school i met a good lad named David Buh, Him and I became very good friends and did everything together all the way from consuming very nice drinks to sports-like activities. after high school due to the results of the border opening plan in russia (1st of January 2020) David decided to take a vacation trip to russia, we were in good contact even after the start of 3rd wave but it took its toll on the world around late March and Early April. In Mid May, Israel had the virus badly contained but life was still going on as it should, BUT, In early June, Not Only I had lost any communication with David, The state of Israel had the virus contained so catastrophically bad, every citizen of the Gush Dan District declared every man for himself, My cousin had a contact with a very powerful head of a crime organization In our city, The organization was named the Abargil Family, with all the guns and vehicles they had, they could transport me and my cousin safely to the closest seaport in Ashdod. In Ashdod we infeltrated the port which was under heavy rouge police security. taking down battalions one by one, we fought our way into the port, taking control over it. we entered the dockyard and found the only fueled ship, it was quite trashed but we managed. After a couple months of settling in the seaport, I tried to cast a signal in the russian area for "survivors" but secretly looking for David, after a few days we got a signal from a small group of survivors in a place called "Chernarus"? Something?, they told us the situation there wasn't as bad as in Israel and they had plenty of food, clothes, resources, and basic live essentials. Me and the head of the Abargil Family, decided its a good idea to take the risk and set sail to Chrnarus on the ship in a hope to get to a better place.
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