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  1. ahhh thank you guys
  2. is there an easier way to make your way around the map im a little stupid when it comes to directions.
  3. Was just a simple young boy kind hearted young boy, like any minding his own business working 9-5 everyday of the week in a not so great job, at the age of 21. had alot of friends and we all used to go out and play games. for years we would joke about the apocalypse and if a zombie outbreak happened what we would do where we would go, and how we would survive. Until one day it did, I watched as my friends and family turned, and theory became practice and thoughts became reality. It hardened me. As it would harden any 21 year old seeing there loved ones die in front of them and murdered by bandits. I was alone for years and find it hard to trust from watching how the outbreak is corrupting so many people. I know friends are still out there somewhere I'm hopeful I will find them. I heard there are still people trying to survive in Chernarus, if my friends are anywhere that's where ill find them.
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