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  1. Rick Sunny is a 30 year old man, who spent most of his life roaming the woods with his father and brother. They spent most of their time fishing, baiting or hunting for food, therefore Rick quickly learned his way around a bow and arrow as well as a gun, and how to live off the land. As Rick got older and finished college, he had developed a manifestation of what he needed to do with his life. He wanted to head back out into the wilderness of the woods and live off the land. So he did. After a few years of travelling different forrests, plains and seas he was contacted by his brother barring the news that their dad had passed away. After Rick had burried his dad which was a great loss for him, he went out to his dads old cabin, where him and his brother had spent so much time, to reevaluate his manifestation. Rick learned that he could use his skills as a huntsman, and guide to navigate other hunters or just wildlife crazy people around his land. But before he could do so a great storm hit and made a tree fall crash down on his house, and left him without no power, electricity or shelter...
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