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  1. Holmes followed training to become a paramedic and spend 7 years as a trauma air technician for an air ambulance service. He was tasked with assisting in the operation of the aircraft and basic trauma care. After these 7 years the unexpected passing of his beloved wife Masha led him to make a career switch. The drunk driver that caused the collision had ignited a spark in him, a spark that led to Holmes signing up with the police department. After 23 years of loyal service, he had reached a supervisory role within the department and was tasked with the supervision of a small army of detectives. As panic spread due to the outbreak, society as Holmes knew it fell apart. This however did not stop him in fighting for what he felt was right and maintaining his sense of humanity. His home was devestated and he ventured east in an effort to find some sign of civilization, a last hope of finding the life that was so cruely taken away. He found himself stuck in the province of Chernarus, which thanks to the relatively welcoming climate and large rural areas gave him some space to think. The land spoke to him, the untamed nature bringing him the peace of mind he hadn't realized he was looking for and so he decided to stay. Although he wasn't the youngest anymore, years of intensive police training and his struggle to make his way east left his body and mind in a good and powerful shape.
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