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  1. Born December 1988, Logan was an only child to a strict military father and a free spirited mother. Despite his parents efforts they eventually fell out of love, and Logan was in the middle of a broken home at the age of 3. His parents shared custody of Logan, where he spent a few weeks with his mother and then his father, rinse repeat. His childhood was typical of a middle class suburban kid playing sports such as hockey, football and soccer. In his childhood years he learned from his father the standard father-son lessons. How to ride a bike, how to hunt in the woods, how to change a tire. He learned self respect, patriotism, honor and how a man should carry himself in the world today. From his mother he learned patience, calm, love, support and a never give in attitude. Logan's teen years were rocky. His father being current military was always away on deployment to far away places he couldn't discuss. He continued to excel in high school sports and lettered in football at the age of 17. But not having a fatherly figure around, or any brothers or sisters Logan started to go down a dark path. One lined with drugs, alcohol and violence. His grades were barely passable and homework and class time started to drop to the way side. Yearning for something more, something bigger than the parties after a Friday night lights football game Logan wanted to see who he really was and where he came from. During his quest for knowledge Logan learned his father was not the first family member in military service. He learned from pictures and stories his mother told him of his great grandfather who served in WW2 in 1941. Even making a jump into a place called Chernarus to help aid in operation "Barbarossa". The more Logan learned the more he knew this was the calling he was hearing. The year was 2009 and Logan had joined the DEP (Delayed entry program) at his high school to start preparing for military service. He threw himself into physical training and weekly drills with his fellow DEP recruits. During this time he caught glimpses on the news of a potential civil war about to break out somewhere around Russia. Some group called the Chernarussian Republic were pissed off at a separatist group called the Red Star. Logan being as excited as he was to begin his military journey simply shrugged it off as someone else's problem. Months went by as Logan completed the various phases of boot camp, graduating and heading straight to his MOS school. To Logan it seemed like he had just left yesterday when in fact it had been almost 8 months. Once assigned to his unit Logan learned something horrible was happening somewhere in the Black Sea. Tight lipped about what was going on, all he was told was there was a virus going around. A flu of some sorts is what they said. Thinking his deployment mission was a humanitarian one, Logan simply asked "Whats the worst that could happen? Where are we headed?" Chernarus was his answer.
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