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  1. Carter Kalliadis born in Chernarus on March, 11, 1994, from a Greek father and a Chernarussian mother, grew up in Berezino, in a middle class family. Carter's father learned the craft of hunting and engineering from his father, and cooking selling from his mother that worked at the general store in upper Berezino. From the time Carter was 5 he started going hunting, and fishing with his father learning the way to tract, hunt and fish with ease. Carter's first hunting rifle was a SKS rifle , which he used to bring down many bucks. Carter also learned how to sell and trade goods from his mother, and cook the game that he had hunted. Carter went to the local high school in Berezino where he got a job at the store near the high school. After high school, Carter saved up money to go to college and get a degree in engineering. After high school Carter got a engineering job in Berezino at the port. Carter settled down in upper Berezino where he stayed. Carter soon stared going to the Belic Family Bar and Pug, where he became a semi regular customer. Carter also started hunting again in the wilderness near Berezino and other towns. During the infection and chaos Carter locked up in his house and stayed in the basement until he ran out of food. When Carter ran out of food he fled into the woods where he camped out there until he decided to return back to Berezino.
  2. Carter born on 1984 into a middle class family had a simple life. At the age of 19 Carter joined the US Marine Core to go to college. Carter served as a Lieutenant throughout Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, due to carter losing many of his good friend during the war he is very cautious of other. Carter stayed in the military through out the 2000s to the 2010s where he joined the ready reserve. With the free time Carter had he moved to Oregon where he fish and hunted mostly in a cabin, still keeping up his military work out routine. During the time Carter spent in the woods and found the beauty of them for the wood where peaceful as before he had lived in combat zones. The peace of the woods helped Carter to forget the terror of combat. On 2020 Carter was called in as a relief effort to help the russian armed forces in Chernarus. When the world started going to hell,, I was on the front line of it in Chernarus it when to hell all so fast all I can remember is chaos. I spent about two month trying to contain the infection with the Russian, we never stood a chance. One day the unit I was with was called back to the US for the infection even with the US's and Russia's best effort the infection had spread there. On the Helo ride back to the US some one on the osprey turned some how and attack the pilots. Suddenly the osprey when down, I luckily jump at the right time and one broke my leg when the osprey crashed. When the flames subside form the crash I took what I could and fled into the wood where I found a cabin. over the time I spent at the cabin I fortified it and hunted for food with the m4 carbine rifle. One night a horde of the infected attack my cabin I fled with my ruck stack and rifle into the wood once again.
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