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  1. Markus Conners was born July 4th 1984, on a small farm in Kentucky, USA. From an early age he had a knack for surviving on his own, and had a natural ability to shoot. He would spend days on end walking through the woods, and living off the land. He had a son in high school, enlisted in the US Army and married his girlfriend. He spent as much time as he could getting all the special modifications to his MOS as was allowed. He went to all the schools he could as well “Airborne, Air Assault, Field Medic, etc.” He had almost every proficiency badge that was available to him within his time. Markus learned how to shoot every firearm that his military had, and any other military had for that matter. He was able to incorporate himself into any environment, but didn’t spend much time talking to the locals if he could avoid it. As being a white man in many areas of the globe was not very much welcome. He was almost a master of disguise, but didn’t have a handle on languages. He went on multiple deployments all around the globe, and thrived in jungle locations. He knew what to eat, what not to eat, and how to make almost any water source drinkable. He made many contacts in some nefarious areas of the world, and some more reputable ones as well. When he wasn’t on deployment he kept himself in peak physical condition, always training on what he knew or what was new, and spent as much time as he could with his family. After 6 years he was wounded in battle, and would require years of physical therapy. He moved back home to Kentucky with his wife and son, and moved back to the family farm. To raise cattle as his father had done before him. He also became a local sheriff, and things were good for a time. His son didn’t want to be a farmer, and wanted to see the world as they had done for the first decade of his life. So at 18 he enlisted in the US Army as well. After some time his son went missing, and was considered KIA. Markus felt it in his gut that his son wasn’t dead, but had been involved in something mysterious and either a POW or at worst involved for some reason. He used his contacts to find out where his son’s last location was, some place called Chenarus. He chartered a plane, and got over there as soon as he could. He made contact with a militia group he knew from his service days, and planned to assist them in their endeavors in the area. They had a FOB in the area, so Markus was not geared yet. He didn’t have the required documentation at the moment to cross borders armed. He would do what he had to do, and all the while be on the lookout for his son. As they were flying over the area the helicopter was shot down. Markus woke up on the beach, he apparently had been stripped and left for dead.
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