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  1. Born 1992 in Phagwara, India. Suhkdeep Fuhkar and his Brother, Sachdeep Fuhkar were raised by their parents, Geeta Fuhkar (Mother) & Metar Fuhkar (Father). Suhkdeep, living a simple life was currently working for his Father, Metar who owns a jewelry store but Metars store wasn't earning enough and the store was losing money and he needed to grow his business quickly so Metar started searching for investors to help save his business and after searching for months, Metar found a willing investor from South Zagoria, Chernarus to help him expand his business into the Russian market. Needing someone to manage the new jewelry store in Chernarus, Metar sent his son Suhkdeep to Chernarus so he could manage and take care of the new store. Suhkdeep then stayed in Chernarus for a month going to work, making friends, living life and enjoying himself until the outbreak started now Suhkdeep is doing whatever it takes to survive.
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