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  1. Madalin was born on 1st of July 1995 in Constanta, a romanian city from East next to the Black Sea. His father Cristi, was working as a sailor, being away from him all the time. His mother Ramona, was home with Madalin all the time, her main task was to take care of him. Growing up far away from his father he was always at docks hoping he will come back forever and not just couple of weeks a year. Every night he was staying for couple of hours starying at the ships coming and going from the docks. In December 2010 when Madalin was 15 years old, his mum got really sick and his father was working hard and even more then before however the money were never enough. So Madalin decided to find a job. At 16 he found a job in a SuperMarket where he was pushing trolleys and help with washing the cars. He stayed there for 3 years earning just a bit but enough to take care of his mother. At 18 years old, he came with an idea to save money to do his driving licence, which he did. After passing the exams he finally got a job and now he was earning enough money to live a normal life and maybe rejoin school. There he meet Ivan, son of a sailor from Chernogorsk. His father died in Constanta and he came to recover his dad body. When Madalin heard about Ivan's story he became very close to him, and helped him with everything was possible. In 2015 Ivan decided to move with his friend Madalin in Constanta, working together and living in Madalin's flat. They were best friends now, they were doing everything together, they were like brothers. In December 2018 was time for his father to come back home, his retirement and Madalin was excited that finally he can be close to his father, the only member of family left alive. But Madalin's father last job was in Instanbul, where a new type of flu begin. Because the spread rate was high, Romania closed the borders and his father was unable to come back in the country. Madalin started to panic at this point, because everywhere on TV people were talking about this flu. After Madalin spoke with Ivan about his father, they decided move in Chernogorsk, where his father could travel and also home town of Ivan. After a long wait and they could finally meet, his father was not replying to messages anymore. Madalin knew something bad happened. He tried really hard to get in contact with his father however, no success due to the new virus. After a long wait in 2019 he decided to go back in Romania and ask for help to find his father, but nobody could help him. All countries had the borders closed, so he had no choice just to stay in Romania. He struggled a lot to find a job, and to contact authorities, but nobody was helping. In December 2019 he decided to go back to his friend, Ivan, Chernarus just opened the borders for tourist so he took the opportunity and went to find his friend. Once in Chernogorsk, everything was worst then before. Nobody was working and the authorities declared emergency situation. They had to leave their homes, and when military got involved Madalin and Ivan got separated. Madalin being from Romania, he had to go back in his country, however all the borders were closed, so they took him in a foreigners camp, where everybody was waiting to go back in their countries. In one night when Madalin couldn't sleep, thinking about this father and his best friend, he saw something is wrong. He felt was to quiet, and military was not around. So he went back to his tent and took everything he needed to survive, because he had a feeling something will happen soon. And it did! A big group of infected people, started to attack the camp. Many died, military died, but Madalin ran. Alone in the forest, he know he don't have a chance of surviving, but he will try!
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