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  1. Viktor was born on February 14, 2003, in Berezino, Chernarus. Viktor always loved his mom a lot more than his dad since his father served in the Cold War. He was close to his late little brother, Alexei, before the tragic accident that killed Alexei. Viktor was devastated and barely talked to anyone after the passing of his brother. Three months after his brother's death, he also lost his father while stationed in Belozersk. Viktor usually got into fights at school. He thought that would help relieve his sadness by bringing people down. The school district expelled him from all of the schools in his community. He never had anyone to look up to since his mother was always working, which also meant that Viktor never really had any parent around because when his father was in the Cold War, his mom was a stay-at-home mother. Viktor's mother had no hope in Viktor, so he put him up for adoption. Viktor was really at the lowest in his life here, he was only ten years of age, and he has gone through so much stuff, stuff a ten-year-old shouldn't have gone through. Finally, after five months of being in the foster care system, the Krynytskyy family adopted Viktor. Viktor was shy at the start but fell in love with their dog, Titas. Titas was a prominent German shepherd that wanted nothing but hugs and cuddles. Viktor felt safe with the Krynytskyy family. He finally called it his home. Sadly, three years after the Krynystskyy adopted Viktor, they both died in a car accident. At age 15, he started High School. Viktor hadn't gone back to school after he was expelled by the school district where his mom used to live, so it was a rough start coming back but viktor thought it was his second home. His teachers loved him, they always used to say "Viktor's is one of the best students I've ever had!". He was a great student, finishing his freshmen year with a 4.0 GPA. But out of school it wasn't good at all. After the Krynytskyy death, he was patrically homeless, but he still had Titas. Viktor and Titas did everything together, he was like Viktor's partner.
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