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  1. Nic Lee, he grew up in the suburbs of California going through hard times while growing up. He was kicked out when he was 18 and had to go through the struggles of real life and eventually got himself a house. He needed to find an easier way of making cash so he resorted to becoming a criminal so he can make money so he can support himself in the hard times he was going through.One day, he contacted one of his old childhood friends that were involved in criminal business named Harley. They talked about a risky job that could pay alot but can go wrong in many ways, they planned to rob one of their local banks they needed the money desperately. They planned out for weeks and scoped out everything that had to do with security on the bank so nothing could wrong and they can make a quick escape. After weeks passed and they did all the scoping they needed, they had everything ready to go for the robbery, it was time to get to work. Nic Lee was nervous but from his childhood he was used to stealing small stuff from people like wallets, money, etc.. Nic Lee pulled up to the scene with Harley and the others, with the necessary assault rifles they prepared and loaded, with masks and all black suits ready to go. Nic Lee stormed out with the others from the back of the black van they pulled in with, Nic was kinda nervous because he hadn't done anything crazy like this but was prepared for the money. The bank robbery was going just fine, Nic Lee and the others held some hostages just incase if cops came and everything went wrong when armed swat units ambushed them. They had a massive shootout between our group and the swat team, in the shootout Nic Lee killed a swat member which traumatized him a little bit but some of his own got shot in the process of it happening so he thought less of it.Harley's group was short membered after the shootout, and we drove off from the police with the remaining members including Nic.Nic was worried about himself but knowing that he killed someone made him know that he had to flee the country with the others after since his name would be known after that incident, and knowing that Nic didn't make any money made him a little frustrated about it. Harley called one of his contacts that planned us to get out the country by any means because the heat was too high in California especially, and the crew needed to lie low in another country for a while. The police were after everyone in the crew especially Nic, because of him killing a couple of Swat members makes him the target in the crew. Nic heard some background talk from Harley about his contact getting us to a country named Chernarus, and Nic was fine of going to another country since the heat was too high for him, and any other country would be fine for him. Nic heard from Harley saying that Chernarus was one of the best places the crew can lie low for a while. Nic and the crew met up with Harley's contact ,because his contact would get us out the country by any transport possible. The crew flew by the contact's plane to get to Chernarus, and the crew all separated as soon as they got to chernarus to find a new life and a new home while still trying to stay in touch with each other. Nic Lee went to go find some jobs in Chernarus and a new life till the heat back at his original home died back so he can back. (Post Outbreak): Nic was living with himself and his new dog in his apartment, contact between him and the crew grew less and less because of the riots happening everyday. Nic Lee tried to avoid any necessary problems outside of his house, or any necessary action he had to do against someone outside. Since the outbreak grew fierce, Nic and his dog was forced to evacuate from their precious home they once lived in because of the Frenzy Flu. Nic and his dog were evacuated to camps, and Nic was by himself and didn't know anyone else in the camp they were all strangers to him, no similiar faces he knew. Nic lost his phone because of the camps safety rules that they implied, and lost all contact to his friends. The camps were starting to not work as they wanted it to work, Nic left the camps having no hope in there because it was a lost cause in his eyes. He started roaming outside of the camps in Chernarus, hoping to see one of his fellow crewmates from back then and not them being one of the infected faces he'll see.
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