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  1. Jax grew up in Brooklyn New York, when he turned 8 his parents were killed in a Freak accident in which a crackhouse in which they were renovating had a ton of booby traps and a shotgun rigged to a stair in the house killed them. He was sent to his grand parents house and stayed with them in Nyheim. He lived a decently normal life despite his up bringing. He did however get into a lot of fights as a young man, at the age of 16 years old he got introduced to a street gang lead by a friend of his, Jeremy Malico. Him being a very good friend with Jeremy gave him his position as underboss of the Malico crime family, which is what eventually grew into as more and more of his family came from around the world. The day of the out break Jax and Jeremy were I. The process of having a meeting with some of the highest ranking members of society, they were discussing the rest of the world and the problems pertaining to said outbreak, when one of the people at the meetings head slammed into the table in front of them. Everyone looked around and then stared at Jax as he stood from his seat and pulled a golden plated glock 19 from his jacket pocket, saying this as he chambers a round, “Now you might be curious as to what I am doing with this gun.” “The reason I have it is because there is currently a dead man at the end of my table” “now eithier he was poisoned or he is infected and had that fucking virus in his system this entire time which will leave him undead and biting people. I am prepared to shoot him if he does, and I’m prepared to kill whoever poisoned him if that’s the case as well. As he finished speaking the corpse at the end of the table moved, Jax took aim with his pistol extended out in front of him, the corpse sits up slowly as he reanimates into the dead. Lunging at Jax with his eyes locked onto his. Jax flinched missing his shot and then emptying it into the chest of the corpse which did nothing, clutching his empty gun he ran around to the back door and slammed his shoulder into it. He met up with the few of his men that got out alive and came to a house in the woods where they decided to hide out for the time being.
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