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  1. I was an escaped convict from Russia, who made my way to chernarus looking to hide away and my cousin came to visit when this hit and I am in search of him. It was very hard to get here and very long. I went through pain and hardship and wont give up now. I will do anything to find him and reunite so I wont be alone in this strange pandemic. I was headed to prison for insurance fraud and ran from the police for 2 months, and murdering one officer. they were giving me life so I had to find a way out. while they were transporting me I saw and opportunity, me and a few other started talking and we distracted a guard while the others grabbed the driver making the bus crash I crawled out and made a run for the woods. I also had to spend weeks in the wilderness eating berries and whatever else I could find. I soon found a truck stop and climbed into the back of a trailer it happen to be heading to the coast from there I found a small fishing vessel heading to Chernarus I hid on it by getting in a crate from there I just lived in a small cabin in the woods hiding Ive been here for a few weeks. after the few weeks Ive been here. I started to run low on food and supplies and tired of wiping my ass with leaves. so I decided to go into the nearest town to buy some at first it was silent like a ghost town no one was there I entered the tavern looking for anyone, no one I was wondering what could of happened I soon realized what did. a low growl came from the back of the bar I look over and a blooded women jumped at me. I screamed out of terror the women was trying to bite me I tried screaming at her but she seemed to not care, I didnt know what to do so I just grabbed a knife and stabbed her in the arm it didnt even faze her she kept jumping at me and biting so I ran and didnt look back.
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