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  1. Joe Warjec was a cop in New York City before the events in Chernarus took place. Joe is an anthropology major so he was in Chernarus on vacation just learning about the differences and normal cultural practices compared to at home. The night the events happened threw him for a whirl as he would never have expected zombies to be an actual thing. As the horde approached the village he was staying in, Khelm, he quickly escaped but quietly. Noticing that people who were running were chased rather quickly. He headed west to Gorka where he stayed in the woods for days. While traveling and looking for food he ran into a small group of local bandits, unfriendly. They realized he was an American and quickly mugged him, being outnumbered Joe didn't have a chance and was quickly on the ground with a fresh scar under his left eye. The bandits left and he continued looking for supplies. After the run in with locals he quickly became weary of people he'd see around, instead of greeting them he would stay quiet and hope they'd pass. This isn't to say Joe wouldn't help someone who was in dire need but he would have to know that they were helpless as he knows a world without consequences is not safe and tricks could be anywhere. He has hopes to make it home one day but realizes the situation he's in right now needs to be rectified. All his tries to call home are unfruitful which also concretes his plans to fix the situation he's currently in first before trying to complete his end goal of returning home. Joe wants to find a group to survive with but he's weary of the people he see's around. As an ex-cop Joe knows his way around regular firearms but is not any sort of special forces operator.
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