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  1. Max was born in Bergen, Norway. He was the only child of Fyodor and Alyona Yahontov. Fyodor was a pro-Union minor politician from the Vologda Oblast's region who moved from the country when Gorbachev came to power. Max grew up a seemingly normal childhood he was not particularly good in school and choose to study as a mechanic. He barely passed his courses but manage to graduate. Max had gotten in with a bad crew during his last years in school and thought that normal work was beneath him, he started to do petty theft and slouch at home. Max's parents would not have any of this anymore and decided that the best option would be to send Max's to his grandfather. Max's grandfather Burian was allowed to oversee a farm in Chernarus after the referendum in 2016. Max strenuously objected to this but his parents was convinced that he would be taught morals and values if he felt how life was in a less fortunate setting. On the 4th of May 2019 Max stepped off the bus that he had spent that last 15hours on since he landed in Russia. He could only see trees in every direction and that was all he had seen the past hour, Bergen was not a bit place but this was the end of the world. Full of misery he slung his backpack and walked towards the pickup truck that was supposed to take him to meet a grandfather he never met before. He finally arrived at the farm and was welcomed with a pitchfork and a stable full of manure. They barely had any electricity on the farm and had to drive about an hour to the closest town if the wanted to contact the world beyond. For about a year Max worked there he had a rough start with a couple of discipline sessions handed out by the farmhands but it was not all bad he got to practice Russian which he was taught as a child but never found useful and he got to know two of his cousins, Nina and Viktor their father died in the civil war. They didn't get a lot of news to the farm but they had heard that there were small scale riots and a couple of rumors about a disease that caused a lot of ruckus. Max's grandfather told them not to pay any heed to the rumors and started to rant about his time during the collapse of the Soviet Union. Max felt this was something big and that he might not get out of the country if he does not go now. He managed to convince his cousins to drive him to the closest town, he got some money from his work at the farm so he might be able to get far enough that his parents could pay for his way home he thought. Once they drew closer to the town they were approached by two military vehicles, then detained and escorted to the town. It became apparent that the town was under martial law, Max tried to persuade the soldiers that he was from Norway and had to get home but it was to no avail. A couple of days later Max found himself on a transport going south separated from everyone he knew, he had been on that transport for at least three hours thinking that he would never see his home again and then he heard a big explosion and everything went white. Max wakes up on the ground, his ears are ringing the convoy had been attacked by some militia is all he sees before he blacks out again. After a while Max wakes up again and tries to move but is constricted realizing that he is under another persons dead body he quickly squirms away and checks his surroundings there is bodies everywhere but none seems to be alive they must have thought him dead and left him. Max looks at himself all covered in blood and feels his heart start beating faster but gathers himself, he can feel pain from the left side of his face and feels it. He got hit by some shrapnel it wasn't deep but it will leave a mark that he was sure of. After attending his wounds as best he can he finds a bag, some food, a knife and some matches. Then he start out on what he believes to be a long journey home.
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