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  1. Lightlaw


    Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone. Hopefully I get whitelisted and able to engage in some interesting RP on the server!
  2. Desmond was born in Estonia on a NATO base to a Jamaican Father and Estonian mother. He grew up with his mother and grandmother and attended school in Estonia. His father retired from the military and moved Desmond’s mother and grandmother to America when he was ten. Desmond’s home life was strict and he was allotted little to no freedom during his childhood. Because of this lifestyle Desmond became a rebellious child who would often act out at school and at home. His father forced him to play soccer throughout his time in school and during his freshman year of highschool Desmond quit and ran away from home. His father found him sitting underneath a bridge. They talked until the sun rose and they both turned a new leaf in their relationship. Desmond agreed to continue to play soccer and his father would be less strict. By the time Desmond was eighteen he had been offered several scholarships to play soccer for Division one schools. He turned down all of them much to the surprise of his father and enlisted into the American armed forces. He was selected for enlistment into Delta Force. He participated in Operation Black Swan in 2016. He was then deployed to Afghanistan to help Operation Enduring Freedom. Desmond was discharged from the military because of disciplinary problems. He became a Private Military Contractor and returned to Europe fighting in Estonia, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan before being reassigned to Chernarus 2019 to assist their military with their disease control. Now he’s stuck in Chernarus and searching for a way out of the apocalypse.
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