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  1. Entry #2 [this page is stained with a little blood] Tisy was a mistake, we almost lost our lives hordes of infected ambushed me and Nic and we nearly died but with the little ammo we had we managed to fight them off but now we face another problem, we're really hungry and have no food so we're going to go look for some on our way to [page torn off] Finally be glad to get off my feet and rest after days or weeks however long it's been of constantly running and searching for a new home - Harley
  2. Entry #1 I've lost track of how long it's been since this all started, honestly at this point I wouldn't be surprised if 10 years had passed. But things are starting to look better for me now because after searching for my missing friends for a while now I finally ran into one of them, Nic fucking Lee my old childhood friend and played one of the really important roles in the big heist job that got us into this mess i'm so happy he's alive, if he's still alive then the others have gotta be out there somewhere still too right? He was also alone when I found him and it seems like he has no
  3. Harley was a wanted criminal living in San Diego, California. He wasn’t a specific type of criminal and took nearly any type of work as long as it paid good enough with some limits that he’d refuse to do no matter what. One day him and his friends decided they finally wanted to pull off something big that’d make them all rich, they wanted to rob a bank. They already had a bank in mind which they did all the necessary scoping and planning for after weeks passed they had everything they needed and it was time to get to work. Harley and the crew pulled up to the bank in an all black van with the
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