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  1. Just got out for college break and I went on vacation with what little funds I had so it had to be cheap I settled on Chernarus but a few days. after I got there the world went to hell now I’m stuck here trying to survive I’m also trying to contact my family through any means possible and trying not to die whether through being eaten alive by wolves or robbed and shot by bandits by now I’m just rambling I haven’t seen anybody in days not if you count those things but they aren’t people they are savages who attack anyone or anything they are so blood thirsty I saw them attack a sheep and they ate it alive I almost vomited I don’t know what happened to them but it’s fucked but there may be some good news I’ve seen signs of human life and I may try to contact them some how maybe through gunshot but that would attract those things to I would have to be quick and what if there had and where would I find a gun oh God help me if you’re out there
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