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  1. Pashka was born in Chernogorsk in 1984 as a healthy child, but soon was abandoned by both his mother and his father- left to be raised within an Orphanage all the way up until he had turned 18. His life as a child was quite normal. He obtained good grades in school, had aspirations to be become a Police Officer. His motivations and work ethic had slowly dropped, however, when he had turned 15. He began to hang around the wrong crowd of people and became nothing more than a petty delinquent. In order to obtain money, Pashka would sell Marijuana and prescription pills to people at his school, as well as break into cars and sell any items he found on Molotok (A russian variant of E-Bay). He eventually got a job working at a restaurant and put his criminal life on the side. He worked there for multiple years in the kitchen before eventually quitting after an argument he had with his co-workers. When the war broke out in 2009, Pashka was manipulated into assisting the cause of the Russian Separatist group ‘Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star’(ChDKZ). He had performed many heinous and appalling actions, whether it be flat murder, car bombing or other acts of Terrorism in exchange for a false feeling of friendship. He had felt as if these people were his family, and it filled a void that had been an open wound for his entire life. When the war ended in a clear victory for the ChDKZ, Pashka had decided to move to a smaller town- he rented out a house in a small northern town called Kamensk. Due to his life during the war, he often struggled with PTSD and other mental issues- using alcohol and weed to attempt and self-medicate his issues away. After multiple years of counselling and self medicating, Pashka had slowly returned to normal life. He landed a Job working at a contracting company and was slowly becoming a progressive member of Society. This had changed fairly quickly once the outbreak of the Frenzied Flu had occurred in January of 2020. Pashka had begun to self quarantine in the early months, but once the riots and revolts had begun to break out, he fled the small town he lived in with dozens of cans of food and a tent, attempting to flee yet another conflict. He lived off the land for as long as he could, but ultimately he ran out of food and was forced back into place he had fled- though it had changed far more than he had realized.
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