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  1. Johan (Johnny) Weiss was born to a German immigrant family living in California, since he was young he wanted to study engineering and design/engineer big structures such as skyscrapers and factories. As he reached his teens he came across a gang fight as a bystander eventually being shot himself in the left shoulder, scarring him for live. ever since the event, he acquired a gun and ever stepped outside the house without it. eventually he applied to study engineering and graduated, scoring himself a job at a construction company, mostly working with contractors on small local buildings. After some time and some good jobs the company took a job in an out of state contract in Chernarus, mostly to repair some damaged buildings and construct a new supermarket in a village closeby. Johan was sent to Chernarus to supervise the constructions and work alongside the locals. The job was fairly easy except for the language barriers of working with the Chernorussians. As rumors of a new virus spreading and the country going into lockdown he prepped his house with as much food and water, a pistol and the essentials, digging in for a long time.
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