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  1. William Mackinnon was born in Piteå Hospital in Sweden. When he was 3 years old his mother died and his father began drinking alot. He grew up with his father and brother in a small house in the northern part of Sweden and the closest town was 45 minutes away from where they lived. His father would abuse him and his brother both verbaly and physically when they grew up. Him and his family did not have common luxuries that most people did. They did not make much money because his father worked at a gas station. What little money they did have went to alcohol and food. The abuse had only gotten worse as he became older. When he turned 15 his father decided that he would teach him to hunt. They packed their bags with supplies and went into the forest. They sat for a couple of hours just waiting and his father fell asleep with the rifle in his lap. They were in the middle of the forest and nobody apart from their brother knew that they were gone. He took some time to think and finally it just happened... he stabbed his father in the neck and quiclky grabbed the rifle before he had a chance to fire. He stood there for a while just thinking about what he had done. But there was no regret, he thought it was deserved after everything his father had done to him and his brother. He went home and told his brother about what happened and his brother just looked at him. He wasnt angry or sad or happy, it was just as if nothing had happened. William talked to some friends that were planning a road trip around europe. He never mentioned anything about his father to them tho. They agreed to let William and Ragnar come with them on their road trip. After a while it became more of a lifestyle than a road trip. they traveled all around europe for many years. None of them really had anything to go back to and they were having fun. When they visited chernarus it was just like any other place. They would go there and meet people and party like always. But then the outbreak happened and they knew nothing about it. They just kept partying and doing drugs. It was only when the military started setting up roadblocks that they started to notice. They could no longer leave even if they tried to. William and Ragnar thought it was best to be safe. So they unpacked their tent and hunting supplies and head deep into the forest on foot to set up camp near a river. They lived there for a few months together and were not bothered by anyone. They got food from hunting, fishing and foraging and they got water from the river. One day Ragnar went to go fishing but he never returned. William got very worried, he stayed by the camp for a few more days and when out looking for his brother in the area. he hasn't found any sign of him anywhere yet however. Now the only thing on his mind is to find his brother-
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