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  1. {static and some heavy breathing are heard as the radio flares to life} H-hello? ... Anybody? Is anyone listening? ... If you can hear me...please...I'm sick...I don't know from what... {a quick heave is heard} Every time...I eat a little too much...or have a little too much water...I keep throwing it up...I keep getting so...so thirsty...and I have no meds... {a soft sigh} I'm...in a brown apartment building...next to a water pump in...shit, where am I? Damn sign looked like it said 'hobo' on it...think it's Novod.....mitro...something. Top floor. I need help. If...if you hear this, I'll be on 96.6 to keep this channel clear...please...I can't keep this up... {another dry heave before the channel goes dead}
  2. Born and raised in the tropical bliss of Miami, Florida, Vik enjoyed a rather calm and typical early childhood. Problems with bullies, discovering himself, divorced and remarried parents...all the typical nonsense any child would have to deal with. His life didn't start officially until he turned 18, when he was cast out of his father's home and forced to fend for himself out in the big wide world. His adulthood started off with one of the greatest banes of many adults out there: homelessness. He had to learn how to survive with zero preparation and bare minimal training from his time in the U.S. Civil Air Patrol, which was basically just Air Force JROTC with some field training and survival exercises thrown in. As such, he quickly became adept at navigating the convoluted waters of social interaction, using his charm and self-learned singing ability to get everything from food to shelter on the most desperate nights. He also had to become more proficient in his situational awareness and self-defense, as the streets of Miami - while plentiful - are rife with some of the most violent and drug-addled members of American society. Top it all off with a corrupt, anti-homeless police force, and Vik was shaped into someone resembling the fox in his namesake: a cunning, humorous scavenger with a penchant for getting into and out of trouble. Drugs, gambling, theft...if it helped him keep going, he would do it. But he had a major rule to do no harm unless harm was intended upon himself or those he cared for. As time went on, Vik moved from city to city, and eventually from country to country. Using naught but his singing and wits to keep alive and keep thriving as best as he could. His travels took him just about everywhere, from the harsh concrete jungle that is New York City, to the rolling hills of the German countryside, to the beautiful waters of Venice. In each place, he picked up new tips and tricks to not just survival, but overall success. Learning how to hunt in the Andes mountains, harsh winter conditions in Tibet; you name it, and Vik has probably had to endure it in one way, shape, or form. So, it simply made sense to keep moving, eventually landing in the politically-charged and violence-torn country of Chernarus. He has been sadly unaware of the history and current events happening within the country itself, being too preoccupied with his own travels and enjoyment of life. At a small bar in Takistan just before the border, he ran into a young man by the name of Dustin Murphy. As they were enjoying their drinks and a few friendly rounds of poker, Dustin told Vik of the news he had heard about Chernarus having some incredibly cheap living costs and opportunities for advancement where people could find none before, now that the war had run its course and recovery was no doubt underway in the quiet, rather secretive country. Having just dealt with several months of living in the hot sands and unforgiving cities of Takistan, the thought of moving ANYWHERE else was definitely intriguing. He threw back another shot of whiskey and agreed to go with Dustin into the unknown wilderness of Chernarus. While he may not have known Dustin long, he has a good feeling about him, and feels that the two of them could do what he alone could not: make a life worth living. If only he knew what he was getting into.
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