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  1. DubNat


    will do, fingers crossed I should be fine ?
  2. DubNat


    thank you?
  3. DubNat


    i am british and on eu times, looking forward to experience dayz as this would be my first time rping on a dayz rp server. i look forward to hopefully running into some of you once i am whitelisted and able to join. The character i play has an australian accent which I do, I like doing things like impersonations/ accents of different cultures but also making sure I am not offending anyone while doing it. i I cant wait to adventure in the lands of the rp world of dayz.
  4. Born in the ever-unforgiving outback of Queensland, Australia, back in the wild times of 1987 - wherein the Provinces witnessed not only one of the greatest market crashes of recent history, but also the grand spectacle of the Australian Grand Prix - Dustin was raised by two loving and kind parents. However, life is rarely fair, and Dustin was sadly introduced to that concept at the tender age of ten years old, when a fleeing bank robber named Thredbo Landlide wound up killing his parents in a car accident whilst they were on their way home. Dustin was miraculously uninjured in the crash, but sadly was left alone, and soon wound up in the Australian adoption system. Luckily for him, he was adopted rather swiftly by a couple who worked hard at giving him a great life and a good standard of living. However, he grew content in his lifestyle, and his drive had all but disappeared. At the age of 18, his adoptive family gave him an ultimatum to do something with his life or leave. And so, he was cast out with no money, no idea of what to do with his life, and no clue of where to go next. He started by drifting from street to street in Queensland ending up working in a mechanic shop for a little bit learning the ropes for a bit until he was fired a few months later with enough knowledge to fix a car and understand how the engine works ending up back going from street to street, trying hard to get off of the streets but being crushed each and every time by the sheer cost of living. As such, he saved what he could, and bought a plane ticket out of that scorched hellscape that was his birthplace. Arriving in Takistan (as heat was the only climate he really knew), he began the search for affordable living and a chance to start anew. He made sure to constantly keep up with any and all news that came in, hoping to come across some bit of knowledge or chance that could help him finally succeed. During this time, there were several good Samaritans which went out of their way to feed, clothe, and shelter him. And to them, he will always owe a debt of gratitude. One day, he was sitting at a bar, simply watching the local news channel and enjoying his drink, when a rather out-of-place man walked in and sat nearby. After a moment he introduced himself, and found out the man's name was Vik Nightfox. The two of them decided to start up a game of poker, and as they played, they began to chat. They spoke of their pasts, their presents, and even their ideas for the future. Dustin happened to remember hearing of the conflict in Chernarus, and mentions the potential for a cheap and easy life to Vik, who was immediately on board. However, as we all know, Russia had not been very open about the outbreak in Chernarus, and so the two of them ventured to the border blissfully unaware of the dangers that awaited them, simply hoping to live a better life. If only they knew the hell they would be about to endure, maybe things would turn out differently.
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