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  1. im not talking about u, im talking about the officer, if u asked "is this the one?" is because u were talking to him before, and how cant u hear the shoot? that was prepared, im not going to reply again too. but if u are 4 peole next time give a little bit more time to the person u are roling cause i wasnt a menace for anyone u are in clear superiority.
  2. the video is 5min cause that is configured on my nvidia program, but u were rigth by our side and logs can prove that, and i repeat, if u see the video i take my weapon at my hand just after hearing a shoot and another guy appeared, at the momen i didnt know if u know him or not, all i know is that someone was shooting at us and a stranger walks in. but anyway u guys just shout and fired in 2 secs, u can count it, and i just walked 3 steps back u can count it too, and thats cause of the shoot and everyone getting weird taking their guns at their hands. but it seems to be enough for u to shoot, maybe next time im not going to even breath.
  3. its incredible how u forget someone shoot rigth before i grab my weapon, as u can see on the video, and i started walking back because the situation was going strange, the shoot and u 2 taking ur guns out. anyway i didnt walk 10 steps back cause i had no time, and there was no wall for me to hide, thats a lie and i know the video is drak, ut wasnt really dark for us u literally give me no time for anything u just started screaming and shoot in 2secs. if this is the roleplay u make im not going to be part of it, u were 2 or 3 no need to shoot that fast. imo u wanted to shoot and thats all, and u said u talk with ur friends separately but u were rigth by our side at all the time. So if i do a character that is cannibal for example i got a reason to kill everyone? u cannot kill people for having the communist beret, in fact i didnt fucking know it was, u give me no chance, no ask, no time and i can even understand ur shouts and why that was happening, i jusrt arrived zeleno and was not involved on anything. And again im interested in who was the person that make the shoot, this and ur "initiation" were calculated to the man who arrives
  4. i understand ur point, but the other guys didnt say anything of my hat any time, and i back up because as u can see on the video a shoot was fired near to us, they give me no time for anything, even for pressing F5, and u can hear on the video how they are talking on discord or some kind of coms, i personnaly think that they prepare all of this and choose me on private to kill me, and that why u can hear "this one" rigth before they kill me. Im a new player, i dont know that was a comunist beret, they should tell me something or initiate the hostility in some way, instead, they talk on coms and secretly decided to do so. And as i said, the soot was the reason for me to back up and get scared, cause as u can remember i wasnt confidence about the situation and that shoot hit really close to us and scared me, but the point is that they were talking on coms and prepare it, and then give me no time for anything. IMO preparing this rol situation, and then kill me this way without any kind of hostility is baiting, and the guy who arrivesat last (is the one who killed me) just say ..."this one" meaning they had some talk on coms that we didnt notice of, so its like metagaming. I understand u are not involved on this, and i dont know who is responsable for this, but it wasnt fair for me, and as u said i was going to put my hands up, but was literally 2 seconds, and the shoot on background can be made by a friend of they. If wearing the comunist beret its a reason to kill this fast is a thing idk, they should tell me something but 10min of roleplay that "officer" didnt say anything about it and was very nice with me.
  5. Server and location: S1 Zeleno Time of the incident: 01:00 aprox. 2020-11-15 My ingame name: Rojo Juarez allyes involved: none Suspects: dont know, 3 or 4 i think vehicles involved: none Evidences: Description of the events: My second day on the server, walking on zeleno and found 3 guys roling a situation where one of them is dying etc.. it was fun, till someone shoot near me and they suddently shout at me and shoot me in 2seconds, i didnt really understand the demand and had no time to even raise my hands. i waste 6 hour just to find something to make a little home and all was throw away just cause these 4 guys cant wait 5 seconds or demand correctly... really tired to start over again, its fking hard to find the loot necesary to start a little home, and these guys make people like me leave the server at his first hours on it. i was just one person, they were almost 3, no need to shoot that fast, and they give me a mag so i was going to change my weapon so its a little of bait too, on the video u can see when the 3rd guy arrives that theyre talking on discord or something, they said "....this one"
  6. I grew up in a poor home in a strange pomegranate town, I was never very social, maybe because of the beatings my father gave to me and my mother or because I was always that huge kid everyone was afraid of, even though he never really meddling with anyone. On the day my father died I had already left school and worked in a sawmill, the news of his death changed me quite a bit, I cried heartbroken, though not sad, for once in my life I felt that I was free, and even more so, that my mother was free. From that day on I became a person who could not stand injustice or those who took advantage of others, quaring me for it in many problems and fights, luckily my physicist has always helped me with this. At twenty-five I got married, after several years of relationship with the only person who sees something good in me. On our wedding trip we went to visit the dead sea and since then I am inside, dead. After a series of attacks by a radical group from chernarus the hotel where we were staying was taken over by terrorists, many people were killed during the kidnapping, including my wife... and my soul. Kill with my own hands one of the kidnappers, who turned out to be apparently someone important in Chernarus, so my life has been hell locked in a prison in this hellish country, until this plague gave me a chance to escape. I'm not going to get out of here until I find the last one responsible for my wife's death... be alive or whatever those things are
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