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  1. im not talking about u, im talking about the officer, if u asked "is this the one?" is because u were talking to him before, and how cant u hear the shoot? that was prepared, im not going to reply again too. but if u are 4 peole next time give a little bit more time to the person u are roling cause i wasnt a menace for anyone u are in clear superiority.
  2. the video is 5min cause that is configured on my nvidia program, but u were rigth by our side and logs can prove that, and i repeat, if u see the video i take my weapon at my hand just after hearing a shoot and another guy appeared, at the momen i didnt know if u know him or not, all i know is that someone was shooting at us and a stranger walks in. but anyway u guys just shout and fired in 2 secs, u can count it, and i just walked 3 steps back u can count it too, and thats cause of the shoot and everyone getting weird taking their guns at their hands. but it seems to be enough for u to shoot,
  3. its incredible how u forget someone shoot rigth before i grab my weapon, as u can see on the video, and i started walking back because the situation was going strange, the shoot and u 2 taking ur guns out. anyway i didnt walk 10 steps back cause i had no time, and there was no wall for me to hide, thats a lie and i know the video is drak, ut wasnt really dark for us u literally give me no time for anything u just started screaming and shoot in 2secs. if this is the roleplay u make im not going to be part of it, u were 2 or 3 no need to shoot that fast. imo u wanted to shoot and thats all, and
  4. i understand ur point, but the other guys didnt say anything of my hat any time, and i back up because as u can see on the video a shoot was fired near to us, they give me no time for anything, even for pressing F5, and u can hear on the video how they are talking on discord or some kind of coms, i personnaly think that they prepare all of this and choose me on private to kill me, and that why u can hear "this one" rigth before they kill me. Im a new player, i dont know that was a comunist beret, they should tell me something or initiate the hostility in some way, instead, they talk on coms an
  5. Server and location: S1 Zeleno Time of the incident: 01:00 aprox. 2020-11-15 My ingame name: Rojo Juarez allyes involved: none Suspects: dont know, 3 or 4 i think vehicles involved: none Evidences: Description of the events: My second day on the server, walking on zeleno and found 3 guys roling a situation where one of them is dying etc.. it was fun, till someone shoot near me and they suddently shout at me and shoot me in 2seconds, i didnt really understand the demand and had no time to even raise my hands. i waste 6 hour just to find something to
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