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  1. Born on the 13th March of 1990 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia as the son of Leopold Wolfclaw and Mei Lin Jirgal His father was a German Soldier stationed in Mongolia to help and train the local Military. His mother was a half Chinese and half mongol who lived alone in the capital of Mongolia. Right after his birth, his parents decided to move back to Germany, so Maximilian Wolf can grow up in a save environment. Max grew up in a little suburb near Berlin, it was not the richest area so there was always some form of criminal activity going on. Max was a smart kid, so he noticed very early on that many of his friends were involved in minor crimes. They never told him what they did after school because his "friends" knew that Max's dad was in the Military, which lead to him being mostly alone after school. But Max had one friend he spend most of his childhood with, his name was Felix. They didn't go to the same school but they lived in the same street. Felix was two years older than Max but that didn't bother them. On the day Max turned sixteen, he and Felix went out to drink. Being drunk and careless, they walked through the wrong neighborhood. It didn't take long for them to get mugged, but Felix being brave and tough tried to fight back. Felix didn't know that the robber had a gun on him until it was too late. Max's best and only friend got shot and died that day in his arms. The police and ambulance arrived too late, the robber was gone and Felix bled to death. After his mother picked him up from police station, they received a phone call. His father was killed by Rebel forces while trying to protect an innocent family. On that day, Max felt alot of anger but he was also fueled with a sense of justice, so he decided to become a police officer. With the money his father left him through his death, Max was able to get into a police academy where he learned to be the best. It took him 4 years to become a detective. He was very passionate about his work because of his friends death, but also impulsive. After 8 years of detective work, Max noticed that he wasn't really happy the way the justice system handled certain things, so he quit his job and became a private investigator to take matters into his own hands. On the 15th December 2019, an old Russian couple entered his office, seeking help. They told him that their daughter went missing after visiting a relative in Chernarus. Max normally didn't take international contracts, but then he remembered that his deceased friend Felix was also originally from Chernarus so it didn't take him long to pack his bags and hop onto the next plane to Russia. He arrived somewhat in the middle of January 2020. Without being able to speak a word russian, he didn't know what was going on at the time and just tried to focus on finding the missing girl.
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