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  1. He told me OOC on Monday that he won't be on for this whole week.
  2. My POV: John, Arthur and I were driving through Novaya and DayZ and we saw the other car coming towards us. With DayZ being super buggy with vehicles PLUS the server being laggy as it is we stopped the car and pulled over to the side. The other car also came to a stop, and was saved from almost crashing into either the wall or us. Semaj and Dimitri immediately leave their car and start approaching our car. I open the door to get out and talk to them, but they instantly draw weapons and threaten us all to stay inside the car, implying we will get shot or hurt if we do not comply. This was a hostile encounter right off the bat. We all comply and stay inside the car. Semaj and Dimitri then start talking about licenses, how we need one for the car, for our guns, and that we need to go to their base to get one. The insistence for these licenses make it clear that to Semaj and Dimitri it's not optional. At this point they seem confused about how to proceed, as they mention not trusting us to go to their base. We play dumb and unknowing for now. Semaj and Dimitri tell John to step out and us to stay inside the car. Dimitri remarks how John is carrying two primary weapons, which in their view is illegal. John makes a point out of dropping the weapon on the ground in order to comply with their licencing rules. Dimitri picks up the gun and starts walking back to their car to stash it. While Dimitri is distracted, John opens fire and kills Semaj. I immediately exit the car to assist John, but exiting cars in DayZ has a habit of making my game turn into a PowerPoint presentation (read: 3 FPS) the only thing I see on my screen before I die is my character exiting the car, putting his weapon is his hands and being shot dead. I don't believe it to be NVFL because after John shoots Semaj, we are 3 on 1, equally armed and I (possibly Arthur too) am on my way out of the car to assist John. If we look at it from an IC perspective I also believe this was valid. The day before this encounter John and I are at NWAF looking for supplies. We get approached by a group of people who identify themselves to be part of "Anarchy". They are instantly agressively talking about their licencing system. We express some interest, but tell them we will do it later. This leads to a violent response from the group, who holds us at gunpoint, robs, threatens and humiliates our characters. So given that in this encounter we are approached by two people who are with the same group, talk the same way about licenses and without us speaking a word draw guns on us, it is only fair to assume from the perspective of our characters that this will end with us all held at gunpoint, robbed, threatened and humiliated unless we try to fight back. We fought back, unsuccesfully. Also for @Realize, @Arthur Steen told us yesterday OOC that he won't be on much if at all this week because of work and real life commitments, so don't expect his POV.
  3. I wasn't called in for a POV, but I was with the shooter @NathSnr and @perry. We were called in for backup over the radio and took positions on the industrial building east of the outpost. We were radioing back and forth constantly with the person who called for backup and I can confirm that the first shot was a misfire on the part of @NathSnr. After that the firefight broke out and the rest is history.
  4. Many thanks to Adrian and Sophia for assisting us in repairing the bus! We had lots of fun, hope you had the same. Much love, Dan and Ivanov
  5. If I didn't have the info for "jamescameron" I obviously wouldn't be able to log on and make an appeal.
  6. Woah-. no no, I don't think you understand what I'm saying then. I'm saying I forgot them and that is the reason why I made the new account, since I didn't know how long it would take to get my e-mail pass back. It didn't take very long, so now I obviously know the information for both accounts. I know it was a bad idea to make another account, I see that now, but I don't think I should get banned as I have now explained that it wasn't for a malicious purpose..
  7. Well I obviously retrieved the info for "jamescameron" and I didn't forget the information for "onetwomany" since it was recently made-.. jamescameron = Account for which I forgot the info, but have since retirved that onetwomany = new account which I made to keep up on the forums
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: So recently I have done a clean install of Windows, which went perfectly, I reinstalled games, etc with no issue. I use google chrome and being the idiot I am I have (and probably will continue to) relied on the chrome AutoFill function for my usernames and passwords. I obviously did not think of creating a backup of these prior to re-installing Windows. Now, of course I had forgotten both my password for both the forums here and my e-mail (amonst other stuff, but that is obviously irrelevant). I tried retrieving my forum password here, but I obviously need to log in on my e-mail do to such. If anyone of you are familiar with Live mail it is an absolute PAIN IN THE ASS to retrieve your password and it takes you through all sorts of confirmations, most of which I couldn't remember at the time. I have obviously still been able to play, and so I played along, but not having access to the forums is in fact a big deal, since I cannot keep up with any news and/or most importantly potential reports I had to react to. My reaction was then to create a new forum account, believing "Oh, I can just use this until Live gives me back my password", which then proved false-.. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Off-topic: You are unable to read PM's when your account is banned, so I cannot read the PM I have recieved regarding my ban. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to see my account unbanned so I can continue to play DayZRP. The "new" account can be deleted since I now have access to my original one. What could you have done better?: I could have made sure to backup everything before formatting.
  9. Same thing happens when holding the goat pelt, but after putting it down something even weirder happened!
  10. Uploaded the video. Audio turns off for some reason. If someone has experienced this with Shadowplay could they give me a pointer on how to solve it, that'd be much appreciated.
  11. Server and location: Server 1 at Green mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 15/3 17:50 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime. Your in game name: Tom Rudel. Names of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspect/s: Didn't catch any names, but I have descriptions: #1: Black helmet, Gorka pants and jacket, natural leather backpack, beige working gloves #2: Green boonie hat, green raincoat, green cargo pants (?), black hicap vest Suspects weapon/s: #1: M4 + Splitting axe #2: AKM + Firefighters axe Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have the event recorded, but for some reason the recording doesn't have any audio. Let me know if you want me to upload it. EDIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcVPRzy6vQ0&feature=youtu.be Detailed description of the events: After logging in at Green mountain I immediatly exit the compound only to be stopped by 2 individuals who told me to go back inside. I did so, obviously outgunned, when they herded me into the prison cell and told me to put my hands up. I complied, only to have the one guy (#1) tell me that he is "The Punisher" and that he shall punish me, seconds before I get hit in the face (and knocked out) by a stun baton. I lie there for a good couple of minutes before waking up again and seeing them run off, leaving me in handcuffs without any water (I already had some cans of food). I don't mind losing the stuff they took, but from my perspective it was very poor RP.
  12. Having a cooking pot and a cooking tripod takes up 7 slots in total. Friend and I found out that if you take a gas canister + portable gas stove + cooking pot and combine them it only counts up to a total of 2 slots vertically. That's a good way to save some space and it does indeed work with the newest patch!
  13. Now I wasn't there IG when it happened, but I was on teamspeak with him around the time he killed Core Burkawitz, which must have been around 8 PM. It still looks to me like he was a compliant hostage, but that's of course not for me to judge. I just wanted to note that the time of this murder (and report) was around midnight and the shared KoS rights of the Core kill would have long since expired.
  14. Sorry for the late reply! Glad you enjoying your time with us, we certainly had a great time with you as well (though I came into the picture a little later than Bale). I've had some very great days around Green Mountain and the areas around it and just generally getting my groove on again (last time I played DayZRP was back in June with the mod I believe) and meeting some great great people, the Monroe Republic being worth a mention.
  15. Has to either be the M16 ACOG or the SVD.
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