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  1. Thanks for the response! Looking forward to mixing it up! XD
  2. Just wanted to drop by and say hi! Looking forward to some fun RP if accepted. Can't wait to get into some shenanigans! In the mean time I'll just be over here drinking some wine, eating some cheese and catching some rays
  3. Born in the suburbs of Denver Colorado in the 1980s, James found himself being the type that loves the outdoors and making his own path. After high school James found himself more inclined to travel the mtns and hike than focus on his future . He became a trail guide and avid mtn hiker while giving tours and sharing the beauty of the world. He is very in-tune with people and the surrounding world believing in the power of Positive waves and holistic approach to life but always helping others when he can but not afraid to mix it up a little. After 9/11 he did an uncharacteristic thing, joined the US Army, and found himself as a tank commander. However, his sense of duty and patriotism waned after several deployments. He encountered difficulty in conforming to military standards by always having his hair a little too long and mustache a little too big (why his compatriots called him OddBall). He later found himself discharged from the military after it was found he was hording whiskey due to a logistical error after his last commander had rotated back home. After the military James returned to the USA and pursued his love of hiking & climbing all 14K ft mtns in Colorado. With his Army salary saved he traveled the world and found himself in Europe. Bypassing the many quarantines and doing odd jobs for money he soon found himself in Chernarus but trapped when the city was locked down in Sep of 2020. Since the vacating of the area by the Russian military by October James is eager to get back on into the woods for more adventures.
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