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  1. Hello everyone! I'm not exactly new to role play but I am relatively new to DayZ. I can't wait to see what opportunity will come my way and what awesome people and characters I will meet through my adventure!
  2. Don Perchinski was a simple man raised in New Jersey. As a kid, he was a daddy's boy and strived to be just like his fatherly figure. As he grew up he fell into his father's "business". The man was running an underground operation of moving illegal drugs throughout his home town, handing out loans to those in need, and taking care of those who disagreed with his wishes. Perchinski followed with the family business around the age of 14. He was taught trust, loyalty, and loss throughout the next several years. When Perchinski was 20 his father passed of a heart attack and was deemed the "Don" or commander of the business he would leave behind. Once news reports came of a pending apocalypse he flew to Chernogorsk where he would continue his business.
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