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  1. Amelia was going to University in Chernogorsk when the infection broke out. She is a weak liberal arts major who never expected to have to survive on her own. She has been separated from all of her family and friends and is searching for a group to help her survive. She easily trusts which can be flaw. She is weak but fierce. Amelia would like to find a group that she can take care of. She tends to be the nurturing type. She ran into one group 3 months ago and became good friends with one of the guys, Steve. Steve taught Amelia how to hunt, how to create a proper fire, and how to build a proper shelter. He also taught Amelia how to defend herself as she was lacking those particular skills previously. Even with her newfound knowledge of survival she couldn't defend Steve from the betrayal that lay ahead. One cold night, the other two men in the group turned on Steve and Amelia. Not even his strength and fighting skills could help Steve defend himself. The odds were looking to be not in their favor. In a moment of self sacrifice, Steve made one last heroic attempt to fight the other two men off so Amelia could escape. Amelia fled into the night with nothing but her backpack and a few items. Amelia still does not have an answer as to why the other two men turned on her and Steve. That moment of brutality may have helped her adapt to the reality of the apocalypse but the desire for revenge still lingers.
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