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  1. Thanks you so much all ♥ Really hope to meet you all soon. Thanks Brenda.
  2. Hi all, I'm Brenda, I am Dutch and I love to play dayz. I've never played on a roleplay server, can't wait to grow and learn a lot of new things in dayz rp. I have some experience with roleplay, but not on voice. (will be a bit shy at first, it will get better if I get more experienced). Can't wait to meet you guys and girls. Waiting for my whitelist now, and hope to join you soon :). Take care ♥ Brenda.
  3. Brenda Bates was born in Kambiwobo, grew up with my mother until the age of 17 when she sadly passed off an illness. My father walked out our lives before my second birthday. My mother gave me a picture of him and his hat before her passing. I leave it in my backpack which I take everywhere with me. I hope to find him and find out why he did what he did and his background. I am also not close to his part of the family. I don't think I've met any of them anyway. I inherited the farmhouse and animals. I always helped out the other farmers nearby or the small village if needed or wanted. I volunteer at a animal rescue centre. As I was having a shower one night after a long day of work, the horses went wild. I quickly jump out and put on some jeans, basic top, hunting jacket and combat boots. I ran out quickly, grabbing my backpack and off to the stable. I saw something horrifying, I saw my neighbour Dave (Peterborough) biting into my favourite horse. His girlfriend Jill (Hope) crying his name on the other side of the stable. I grabbed a pitchfork and tried getting him off with no luck. I caught a glimpse of a sledgehammer and ran to it. I yanked it out the stump and forced my arm out, hitting him in the head, blowing onto the ground and floor in pieces. I stared at the horse but it was too late. I swung the sledgehammer once again with tears rolling down. I hit the horse out of it's misery. I stumbled out the stable to find people attacking each other, they were eating each other. They enjoyed it too. Cars beeping in the distance, Jill screaming with fear for me to run before it was too late. That thing lunged at her, her neck ripped apart. I sprinted into the woods, hoping for other survivors or food or anything to keep me alive.
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