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  1. sorry I don't want to be annoying but this is a bit confusing to me, and I hope you can explain it to me on monday 19th i got a message on my whitelist about my english writing and that i had to go to discord and speak to staff member, to check my english speech to approve my whitelist. Spent the same day with one of the staff member and my english is good enough and she spoke to one of the admin to approve my whitelist and let me go ahead. I have saved my whitelist again, I was 15/17 and now I am 19/28 now I am curious, do I have to wait for the whitelist to be approved, or will I be let through what the staff member have told me. I know you have to go to discord to speak to one of the staff members. but due to the covid19 lockdown, my wife works at home and has many phone calls and video consultations with her work. that's why I do it this way so that I don't disturb her with her work Thank you in advance for the explanation
  2. thanks Basko, last night I spoke to staff mamber via discord about my whitelist how my english is in speech. and that was good an admin would approve my whitelist. so i just wait for it to be activated. and then I can start role play. who knows, we might bump into each other
  3. hey powerofwill....leuk een landgenoten. dankje voor de welcome
  4. will be fine, white list was ready, but not approved by my english. but also makes nice as rp as a tourist who is backpacking in the country. and how many tourists are fluent in english that makes the role more interesting I think. so just go to help desk and I'll see, I'm not worried about it anyway thank you for the support
  5. hi jamie, can you wait a little longer with delete. i have to go to discord to judge by helpdesk staff member how my english is in speech. i will get back to this if i can continue or i delete my accout. sorry for the confusion
  6. thank you. little question, can you tell me if there might be a group in dutch, dayz RP what you guys might know best regards johan
  7. sorry people, but unfortunately I am not through the white list because I cannot type in English, unfortunately I will not have fun adventures with you and play a role. I hope you have beautiful adventures and survive. best regards johan
  8. hi everyone, unfortunately I didn't make it through the white list, because I can't type English. it is no use for me to keep an account with dayzrp, how can I delete it. best regards johan
  9. thank you for your warm welcome everyone. the white list is now finishes, and now we have to wait. and hope to meet you the good and the bad
  10. thank you for your comment. I will need some time to learn it but that will be fine. I think we'll see each other somewhere ?
  11. Hello everyone i am new here and i am from the netherlands, i am curious what it is like to play RP is very new to me. and looking forward to what adventure I will be on. could use some help I think otherwise I walk around like a chicken without a head in the game hahaha. and that is not the intention think. ? ? and long live the google translator hahaha ?
  12. I grew up in the Netherlands in a loving home in a flat on the 7th floor with my father and mother and had a lot of freedom to be able to do my own things, but unfortunately my father passed away after three months of suffering from cancer. And from then on I took care of my mother which my father has always done and which I have done for many years until my mother passed away. Because I could not learn well because of my add and dislexy I could not get any diplomas and I had to learn everything in practice, which made me handy with my hands and so I came to furniture workshop where I made furniture. Unfortunately I was robbed in my car and was pulled out of my car and pistol was aimed at me, and the robbers screamed give me everything or your life. they grab all the value and my car, luckily I survived it, but i have not much trust in people anymore. I was young that I left home around the age of 19 wanted to live on my own and make my own rules and discover the world. But unfortunately I failed to discover the world by passing over my father and taking care of my mother. Now that I have the time to do that and I am not in a relationship, I have packed my backpack to go around the world for a year to discover cities and enjoy nature and camp in the wild I always wanted to do. I resigned from a furniture workshop where I enjoyed working for many years. and I said goodbye to friends that I often went to bars with to drink beers and have fun and my family, and will inform them of my trip until I get back.
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